September 8, 2023

”Kindness Matters”: The Story of How Shelly Runs Her PostNet Center, Putting Customers First

Shelly and her family have always made an effort to bring smiles to their community. The first business they owned and operated together was a wedding invitation company called Melody Creek Invitations. As the first step in the magical process of joining two families, Shelly knew she had to put all her energy into making those wedding invitations as perfect as possible — because of her dedication and deep understanding of quality work and customer service, quickly, her business grew. 

For a while, she was using her local PostNet as a printing partner for her business, but after three years, Shelly decided it was time to become the owner of PostNet herself — a merge that would both help her business as a customer, as well as help her grow as an entrepreneur. And so began her journey. 

Shelly enjoys the day-to-day operations of her PostNet, specifically any time she gets to interact with her customers. You see, Shelly takes the time to understand her customers and treat them well because “as a human being it feels like what is right.” It’s that kind of support and love for her customers that keeps them coming back, and that makes them, as Shelly says, “part of the family.” 

We had the wonderful opportunity to visit Shelly in Syracuse, NY, where she owns the local PostNet, to get to know more about her experience as both an owner and a customer, as well as some of the customers she serves in her community.

How did you get started with PostNet? 

Our family had a business, Melody Creek Invitations. We were initially customers of PostNet. Our small business outgrew our house, and so we decided to buy the PostNet that was for sale in our area. 

Do you still work as a family like you did with Melody Creek Invitations? 

Yes, I work with my family here. My daughter is here quite a bit. My husband is here every day. PostNet is family. 

What is your relationship with your customers like? 

It’s very important to me to really serve our community. When I walk into one of our customer’s frozen yogurt shops, Love Handlz, it’s like going home. They are another family-owned and operated business. I love our customers, I think we’re all kind of kindred. 

How has owning a PostNet changed your life? 

Becoming a PostNet owner changed my life completely. I’ve always been a caring person, but it made me even more loving. People matter, kindness matters. To be on a first-name basis with our customers is very important to me. 

At PostNet, our customers come first. We don’t just ‘do business.’ We get to know you, even become friends, because we’re proud to be your neighbor. We offer our design, print, and shipping services with the sole purpose of helping you and your business thrive. 

At PostNet, we’re on a first-name basis. 

Speaking with Shelly was just one of the many opportunities we had to chat with customers and owners in our ‘First-Name Basis’ campaign series. We’d love for you to follow a long and take a look at our conversations with some of our owners and other amazing customers: Betsy and David with Darden’s Delights, PostNet owner, Shawna, and Kevin’s crossfit studio

PostNet is a design, print, and ship business with hundreds of franchise locations across North America. We have provided small businesses and consumers with high-quality services for years. Each of our franchises is independently owned and keenly focused on helping the businesses and individuals in their community succeed. 

For more information about our services, or if you are interested in opening a franchise of your own, contact us today.



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