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Virtual Mail

Manage your mail from anywhere

Get a Virtual Mailbox with a physical street address at over 100 PostNet centers across the U.S. and Canada

Plans start at just $9.99 per month

View and manage your postal mail and packages from any carrier using your phone or computer

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"Seeing my mail as I'm traveling the country has been invaluable. Set-up was easy, costs were reasonable, and I really like being able to view my mail to determine what to keep and discard."

How it Works

  1. Sign up and choose an address
  2. Redirect your mail with the US Postal Service
  3. Receive mail and packages from any carrier at a PostNet location
  4. You are notified of arrivals and receive photos of new mail
  5. View your mail from any device
  6. Instruct centers to scan, shred, or recycle mail

Benefits of Virtual Mail

  • Have a physical address without the hassle of checking a physical mailbox
  • Review and forward mail and packages to any address, on demand
  • Ability to remotely deposit checks, bundle mail, or schedule pickups
  • Perfect solution for small businesses, startups, frequent travelers, and expats

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