August 22, 2023

Push-Ups & PostNet: The Story of How A Local Crossfit Gym Supports Its Community And Is Supported by PostNet

When Kevin was in college, he played for the baseball team. His lifestyle was active and surrounded by camaraderie, and he always pushed himself to improve. When he graduated, he took a desk job, lost the desire to move his body, and lost the sense of companionship he had with his teammates. Until Koda.

Kevin found CrossFit after many years sitting behind a desk, and the next thing he knew, he had thrown himself into its world and became an owner of the Koda Crossfit location in Lafayette, Colorado.

He loved Koda right away. Not only did it help him get in shape, it helped him find a passion for helping other people. It’s Koda’s mission to affect as many lives as possible in a deep and meaningful way. Their core values are integrity, progression, and community. As Kevin says, “It’s not just some words that we write up on the wall. We literally make all of our decisions based on those three core values. Is this decision coming from a place of integrity? Is this going to progress some aspect of the community or of the gym?”

Almost immediately after taking over the gym, Kevin knew he needed to find a solution for his day-to-day marketing needs, so he turned to his local PostNet. PostNet understands how important partnerships are for the small businesses they serve, and Kevin was looking for a partner. From gym equipment stickers to competition posters, PostNet is Kevin’s go-to print partner when it comes to any gym marketing material needs.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Kevin and talk more about his business and how the support he receives from PostNet allows him to continue giving support to his community.

What was it like opening a small business?

It was a little bit scary, but I was confident because I knew that I was going to put in the work. And it doesn’t even feel like work if I’m, you know, working 70 or 80 hours a week, because I’m enjoying what I’m doing. And it’s super fulfilling to be able to help our members.

What do you value about your partnership with PostNet?

PostNet is a valuable partner for us because we can pretty much send them any print job that we need. Being on a first-name basis and knowing the owner of the location makes me really confident that they’re going to do a great job. We can rely on partners like PostNet to help us improve and progress our business every single day.

What do you love about Koda?

Koda helped me find a passion for helping other people. They come in here and work out next to each other and know that they are valued in their community. We are trying to implement positive change in people’s lives.

At PostNet, our customers come first. We don’t just ‘do business.’ We get to know you, even become friends, and sometimes we may even do a push-up or two because we’re proud to be your neighbor. We offer our design, print, and shipping services with the sole purpose of helping you and your business thrive. At PostNet, we’re on a first-name basis.

Speaking with Kevin was just one of the many opportunities we had to speak with customers and owners in our ‘First-Name Basis’ campaign series. Keep an out for Betsy and David’s, Shawna’s, and Shelly’s stories.

PostNet is a design, print, and ship business with hundreds of franchise locations across North America. We have provided small businesses and consumers with high-quality services for years. Each of our franchises is independently owned and keenly focused on helping the businesses and individuals in their community succeed.

For more information about our services, or if you are interested in opening a franchise of your own, contact us today.


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