August 22, 2023

Pies & PostNet: The Story of How One Small Bakery Leans on PostNet to Help Them Make a Big Difference

The Darden’s Delights story started when Betsy and David’s oldest daughter, Darden, was in preschool. They ran a bake sale and sold pies, baked with love, from their grandmother’s old recipes. Before they knew it, the pies were gone, and the community was begging for more.

And so, Darden’s Delights was born — a small pie business in Georgia, selling pies for the good of selling pies, and donating a slice of their money to non profits benefiting those with developmental disabilities, just like their daughter.

Now that Darden is 18, the small business has grown more than they ever could have expected. And they truly are the definition of a ‘small business,’ because they do everything themselves. They market, they bake, they sell, they package — the list goes on. But as the business grew, and the pies were more in demand, David and Betsy knew they needed a partner to work with who could ensure their over 16,000 pies per year were safely shipped to the kitchens of their customers all around the country.

In 2016, they walked into their local PostNet, where owner, Kevin, welcomed them with open arms. Since then, the Glass family has shipped hundreds of thousands of pies through PostNet with the confidence that their customers will receive them safely and on-time, and with the bonus of spending some time with Kevin, who’s become an important part of their lives. He looks forward to the fortress of pies the Glass family builds inside his PostNet every year around the holidays. Who doesn’t want a piece of delicious pie to share with the family for Christmas? Thankfully, it’s nothing Kevin can’t handle.

We’ve recently had the opportunity to visit the Glass family and sit with Betsy, to learn more about what makes their business so special, and how PostNet has changed the trajectory of their lives, and their pies.

Why did you decide to start Darden’s Delights?

David and I wanted to build something for our daughter, Darden. She was born with down syndrome. We really wanted to create something that Darden could be involved with. We started baking inside our house and now we have a commercial kitchen. We started with one flavor, now we have 30.

What are some challenges you face as a small business?

Shipping and logistics. We’re shipping 200-300 pies a day. We ship to all 50 states. And we loved finding PostNet.

What is so important about your relationship with PostNet?

We could not do our business without PostNet. It felt great that they were a small business and they were so close to us. You can tell they have a system, and we are just bombarding them with pies and they are just like ‘bring it on.’ It’s that connection and that relationship that is super important to making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

At PostNet, our customers come first. We don’t just ‘do business,’ we get to know you, even become friends, sometimes indulge in a little bit of pie, because we’re proud to be your neighbor. We offer our design, print, and shipping services with the sole purpose of helping you and your business thrive. At PostNet, we’re on a first-name basis.

Speaking with Betsy and David was just one part of a series of videos and interviews in our ‘First-Name Basis’ campaign. Keep an eye out for Shelly’s, Kevin’s, and Shawna’s stories as well.

PostNet is a design, print, and ship business with hundreds of franchise locations across North America. We have provided small businesses and consumers with high-quality services for years. Each of our franchises are independently owned and keenly focused on helping the businesses and individuals in their community succeed.

For more information about our services, or if you are interested in opening a franchise of your own, contact us today.


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