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July 30, 2018

Three Ideas for Showing Gratitude

Showing gratitude toward people who play an important role in your life is a wonderful way to acknowledge how grateful you are for their friendship, support, or business. In addition to sharing words of appreciation, a personalized card or gift is a fantastic and extra-thoughtful way to say thank you. Here are some examples of how you can do just that:


1. Thank You Card

In the age of all-things digital, receiving a written thank you note has an extra dash of meaning. Take it one step further by designing and personalizing the actual card you are sending. Choose from a variety of different paper choices, add a die cut, consider our many paper finishing options, include a unique printed message, and even design the card to feature a candid photo.

thank you card example


2. Personalized Gifts

In addition to your thank you note, a personalized gift is another great way to show your gratitude. With many options to choose from, such as a customized mug or photo calendar, letting someone know you care can be easy. Some great ways to design your gift can be by including a meaningful quote, using colors and patterns that you know they’d like, adding their name or business, and of course, nothing says personalized more than well-thought-out photos or images.

Personalized coffee mug


3. Canvas Wrap

A gorgeous, canvas wrap is sure to make any recipient feel appreciated. Not only is it clear that you created it specifically for them, but it’s something that they can keep for years to come. If you’re looking to create a canvas wrap featuring art or creative design, take into account their personal tastes or decor.

Thinking of using a photo? Choose from a favorite landscape or a photo of the two of you — just remember to make sure it’s one that you know they’re fond of!

Woman holding personalized canvas wrap


Ready to create something memorable for that special, important person in your life? We’re here to help! Visit your nearest PostNet to get started.


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