February 20, 2018

Creative Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

One key to the success of any business is finding ways to differentiate your company from the competition. In a saturated market like the restaurant business, exploring opportunities to individualize your restaurant is becoming increasingly important considering how quickly the market can turn in the industry.

Below, discover some creative printing ideas our restaurant clients have cooked up recently.


High Volume Creativity

Often, the most common printing projects we see from our restaurant clients are the items that tend to move quickly through the restaurant, like to-go menus and kids menus or activity sheets. Since these items tend to run out fairly quickly, you can have fun with it.

Think about printing your to-go menus on different colors of paper or switching up the design of a kids menu so your regulars have new activities every time they dine with you.


Synthetic Paper

Many of our locations have recently introduced synthetic papers as an option for our printing clients. Synthetic paper is generally created from a resin derived from petroleum, giving the paper’s finish the characteristics of a plastic film, while the appearance is still similar to regular paper made from wood pulp.

Synthetic papers have become popular with restaurants because you can print directly on the paper and it creates a finish that is comparable to laminating, but with a more professional feel. This particular finish is popular when creating menus that are used throughout the day and can be spilled on and simply wiped off. A menu created from synthetic paper makes a great first impression because of its professional presentation.

Some of our locations have also started using a synthetic paper that is already pre-creased for a tri-fold brochure to assist in the marketing efforts of our restaurant clients. With this solution, restaurants can easily create a marketing tool with a high-quality finish, that doesn’t require any extra folding and is ready to be used upon completion.


Variety of Paper Finishes

Another interesting way to make a great first impression is to use a combination of paper finishes when creating your menu. For example, a unique idea is to create mini menu books, where the inside pages are printed on a standard paper and then the cover is printed on synthetic paper to create a high quality finishing touch.

We’re here to help! Stretch your creativity with the help of PostNet and make a great first impression with your menus and marketing collateral. Find a location near you.


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