June 5, 2018

Marketing Tactics for Landscaping Companies

As the weather warms up and everyone gets ready to spend more time outside, landscapers are hard at work marketing their offerings to potential clients. So what types of tactics are they using to catch your attention?


Custom Yard Signs

Yard signs are one of the most popular marketing tools for landscapers and lawn care professionals. Lawn signs can be very effective when landscaping teams are working on a large-scale project. Passing traffic will see your signs, as well as the incredible work that you do!



Promotional Door Hangers

Gaining clients in the same neighborhood reduces costs tremendously for landscapers. It prevents you from having to waste time and gas driving across town. One way landscaping companies can gain clients in the same neighborhood is by marketing their services to the homes near their current projects.

One of the most tried-and-true tactics is to use door hangers. Companies can customize the door hangers to entice homeowners to view the current projects in their neighborhood or use it as a tool to offer a discount for projects booked within a specific timeframe.


Every Door Direct Mail

For landscaping and lawn care companies that are looking to build their business in a specific area but are ready to go beyond door hangers, direct mail is a great option. Direct Mail allows companies to deliver their message to a specific neighborhood or area.

Direct mail is an effective way to get your marketing materials in front of potential customers. One popular way to have your message heard is to use Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). EDDM is the perfect choice for businesses that don’t have a potential customer list, since all that is needed is to choose an area and every home in that area will receive your piece.

Snail mail example


Professional Business Cards

Any smart business owner knows the power of a happy customer. A happy customer can help businesses grow simply by word of mouth. At the end of any landscaping or lawn care project, leaving behind business cards or business cards that double as referral cards is an effective way for landscaping companies to grow.


Let us help create powerful marketing tactics for your landscaping business. Your nearest PostNet can help you with both the design and printing of each item.


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