March 20, 2018

How to Gain the Competitive Edge with Direct Mail

Did you know that the earliest known direct mail piece is now on view at the British Museum? The piece was created in 1000 B.C. by an Egyptian landowner who wrote an advertisement on a piece of papyrus.

Today, Direct Mail is still one of the most effective marketing tactics when done intelligently and thoroughly. Follow along for some of our tips on creating a successful direct mailer for your business.


Keep it Simple, Yet Eye-Catching

Studies show that you only have around eight seconds to grab your audience’s attention, so be sure to create a distinctive yet simple design. Use concise copy along with headlines that are easy-to-read and entice the reader to learn more. Bright colors and noticeable graphics and images allow the brain to process the piece faster than one with a large amount of text.


 Write a Compelling Call to Action

Every direct mail piece should have a clear goal, and that goal should be tied to your call to action. Your call to action does not need to always include an offer. It can be to inform of new products, complete a survey online, or schedule a meeting. When directing traffic to your website or landing page, make sure you include a trackable URL to measure the success of the direct mail piece.


Know Your Audience

Like any marketing tactic, understanding who will be receiving your direct mail piece is incredibly important. Even if you have a basic understanding of your target audience’s age, location, or gender, you’ll be able to effectively create a targeted direct mail piece. This information can help you create a targeted list of current customers that you can send the direct mail to, ensuring that your call to action is used and the piece doesn’t end up in the trash.


 Use Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

If you don’t already have a customer list, you can use Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) services to send your direct mail to a specific area on a USPS route. The great thing about EDDM is that you don’t need to know the recipient’s name or address. Simply select the area where you would like to send your direct mail piece and the delivery person will deliver  to every address along a specified route!

EDDM is a great option if you don’t already have a list of customers, but it does have a few drawbacks to keep in mind. Because the piece is delivered to every address along a postal route, it isn’t as targeted as a standard direct mail piece. For this reason, it’s important to select an area of town where your target audience lives and works. The USPS also requires EDDM mailers to be a standard size, so your options for the size of the final printed piece will be limited.


Are you ready to create a direct mail piece that will be remembered? Let our team at PostNet help. We can assist with everything from creating a custom designed direct mailer to printing and sending your campaign.


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