October 11, 2023

How Your Business Can Save Time and Boost Creativity with AI

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is controversial. As it’s become more widely used and accessible, people worry about issues of job loss or even threats to humanity. However, if we focus on AI’s positive potential, it is a valuable tool that can complement and amplify our work. Here are some ways your business can use AI to help you focus your time and spark creativity:

1. Automate processes

If you or your employees spend time on repetitive, data-based tasks, AI may be able to do these for you. Whether you’re a business owner receiving tons of applications, an assistant taking meeting notes, or a student keeping track of research data, AI tools can be of assistance. 

AI is capable of organizing and analyzing large amounts of data. And it’s more sophisticated than a typical automation tool because it can recognize data errors and patterns to adjust its algorithms. AI is a great tool to achieve consistency. However, it should only be used for processes that aren’t nuanced. AI will never replace human decision-making. When making decisions with the data, if an employee usually has to think about it for a minute or two, that probably isn’t a process that should be automated with AI.

Also, be sure not to share sensitive or private data and information. Many AI generators are built on open-source foundations, so the information you share could become public.

2. Assist with writing

Think of AI as a writing assistant when you’re experiencing writer’s block. If you can’t think of the word you want to use, try describing it and AI may be able to help. You can ask AI to rewrite a sentence with a different tone or to put together an outline that you can build off of. It’s also helpful for writing subject lines or calls-to-action for content you’ve already written.

When using AI for writing help, consider it a source of inspiration or a starting point. AI is not meant to author whole posts or articles, as it is pulling information from other data sources. Therefore, avoid copying-and-pasting blocks of copy. AI is a great brainstorming partner, but it doesn’t match up to the conversational way people communicate through writing. 

3. Build content calendars

AI can create editorial plans and content calendars when you provide information about the subjects you’d like to focus on and the platforms you’d like to use. It can also tailor content for the different audiences on different platforms. For example, if you write a post for LinkedIn and would like to post about the same topic on Facebook and Instagram, AI can help you differentiate the tone for those audiences.

As mentioned above, remember to never copy and paste content blocks. Instead use this copy to generate ideas. No matter how you’re using AI, don’t be shy about correcting it to better serve you. One of the benefits of AI is that it can optimize its algorithms for your needs based on your feedback.

How your business can start using AI

AI relies on a process of input from you, analyzing and recognizing the data, predicting outcomes, making adjustments, and finally, providing an assessment. Like any tech tool, AI is used most effectively when we understand how it works, so do a bit of research to get to know this process.

Once you’ve done your basic research, here are some steps to start using AI in your business day-to-day, simplifying processes and creating innovation:

  1. List time-consuming tasks you’d like to take off you or your employees’ plates. Choose one that is repetitive and straightforward. This may be a process AI can help with.
  2. Consider your end goal. What do you want AI to achieve with your data or request? Supplying AI with quality input and a clear end goal will get you better results.
  3. Make sure your data is clean and consistent so AI can easily learn its behaviors, recognize patterns, and detect errors. Only share necessary information, and consider anonymizing data to ensure your data remains private.
  4. Research the best AI technology for your task. While there are a few well-known AI technologies, there are thousands available for every niche need. Not every AI technology will fit your needs, so choose one that makes the most sense for that specific task.
  5. Finally, run the data through AI and run it through your usual process to test it. Compare the data. Then, tweak the AI algorithm as needed until you are receiving a perfect data output.

It’s true that nothing can replace genuine human understanding, but when AI is used correctly and responsibly, it can make our work stronger, more efficient, and even more creative.


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