May 3, 2018

Differentiate Yourself with Large Format Printing

Make a big, unexpected impact with large format printing. Large format printing allows you to work outside the normal bounds of 11″ x 17″ posters.

See our full guide on large format printing to get an idea of what you can create. Many industries and community groups may not realize how powerful large format printing could be for their efforts.

Here are a few ways you can use large format printing for your professional or personal projects.


Conference Signage

For many conference and tradeshow attendees finding a way to stand out is the ultimate challenge. Catch potential customers’ attention with expertly designed and printed signs, banners, or displays that are meant to be seen from far distances. You’ll likely gain credibility and a potential new lead when passersby are attracted to your booth.


Banners for Sports Teams

Establish your team’s spot at swim meets, softball tournaments, or soccer matches with large signs showing pride for your team. Often, summer sports events are held in expansive outdoor venues that make it difficult for teammates and parents to find their spot among the crowd. Banners, feather flags, and signs can be printed before the season begins and used throughout the summer at each event.


Realtor Posters

Realtors are almost synonymous with yard signs as a marketing tactic, so exploring other large format opportunities can help set them apart from the rest of their industries. Try partnering with other local businesses and placing banners or posters at their establishments to further grow your business.

Poster sizes


Landscaper Yard Signs

It may not be as ubiquitously used for landscapers as it is for realtors but yard signs are a great marketing tactic for long-term projects. Simply place a sign in a client’s yard with your business’ logo and website when you have a job that is expected to last longer than a day.

These signs will help attribute the beautiful work to your business and hopefully create new warm leads in the process. If you’re working on larger scale projects you could also consider printing banners for the same eye-catching effect.

Start grabbing attention with large format posters, banners, or signs. We can help you design and print your next project. Find your nearest location to get started!


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