May 6, 2019

Celebrating Small Business Week with Essential Services for Entrepreneurs

It’s Small Business Week in the U.S., and it’s a big deal. Did you know that more than half of all Americans either own or work for a small business?1 Owning a business is one of the most rewarding ventures that one can embark on, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

The common trope about startups and small businesses is that all it takes is one great idea and a lot of hard work. But of course, one “eureka” moment isn’t enough to guarantee a small business’s success. Starting, maintaining and growing a business takes technology, know-how and space — or just the support of a partner like your local PostNet!

At PostNet, we pride ourselves on providing the essential services that keep hard-working entrepreneurs in business.




PostNet Employee Helping Customer with Copy Services

You probably have a printer at home (and more than likely have a contentious relationship with it). But the printing services a successful small business requires go far beyond the capabilities of your average home machine.

Every type of business has its own print needs. Restaurants need menus. Home brewers need customized labels. Landscapers need yard signs. No matter what industry your small business is a part of, it’s all but guaranteed that high-quality, custom print products are essential to your operations and your perception as a professional.

In addition to any industry-specific print needs, every small business needs business cards! These little paper rectangles play a key role in making a good first impression, help keep you top of mind, and ensure that your future customers will be able to contact you.

Additionally, every business requires marketing materials to get the word out and entice people to come and use their services. Don’t know how to choose between direct mailers, door hangers, or flyers? Our printing experts can guide you through every step of the process, from planning to production to execution.



If you have an online-based retail business (such as an Etsy or eBay shop), you’re likely spending a lot of time at the post office — time that’s better spent working on growing your business! PostNet makes shipping easier and more convenient for our small business clients by providing fast and friendly customer service designed to get you in, out and back to your business quickly. We’ll even pack items for you to ensure that they arrive correctly.

Do you ever wonder what the difference is between shipping carriers? How do you know when to choose FedEx Ground vs UPS 2nd Day Air? Depending on your item, where it’s traveling and how fast it needs to get there, pricing and delivery timing can vary wildly between the different carriers and the range of options they offer. PostNet works with all major shipping carriers to ensure that small business owners get the best service for their needs every time.

Shipping domestically can be a hassle, and shipping across international borders can be even more challenging. But not at PostNet! If your business needs to ship internationally, leave it to the experts at PostNet to make sure that your shipment correctly clears customs and arrives at its destination on time, no matter where in the world it’s heading.


Mail Services

While many successful companies have famously gotten their start in garages, you can’t exactly add a mail slot to your garage door. Now more than ever, having a dedicated physical address adds legitimacy to your business. A verified mailing address is a requirement to be listed on Google, which is a crucial step in growing your customer base. Plus, no entrepreneur wants to be mixing up important business correspondence with their personal mail.

Many small business owners solve this problem by renting a private mailbox from PostNet. It’s convenient to stop by and pick up your mail, and PostNet staff will even store your packages for you (safely out of porch pirates’ reach) until you can collect them.

If you travel frequently, or want to maintain a verified address in a separate location for SEO reasons, consider signing up for Virtual Mail service from PostNet. It’s just like renting a private mailbox, but you can view your mail online or via an app — then request to have your deliveries scanned, forwarded, shredded or tossed out. It’s the perfect 21st century solution to snail mail limitations. Plus, there’s no need to waste your time and effort visiting the post office just to pick up a pile of junk mail.

Are you a small business owner? We’re here to help you succeed! After all, every PostNet is independently owned and operated — and nothing is more satisfying to an entrepreneur than helping to make life easier on our fellow small business owners. Stop by and visit your local center today to learn more about our many services designed just for your specific needs.


1According to the U.S. Small Business Administration.


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