April 26, 2018

Celebrate Small Business Week with PostNet

About PostNet

Since each PostNet location is a small business on its own, most weeks feel like Small Business Week here at PostNet. So, we are delighted to celebrate National Small Business Week from April 29-May 5. Around here we understand that small businesses are kind of a big deal, and are vital to the growth of the economy in each of their communities. Here are just a few benefits that come from supporting local businesses.


Improve the Local Economy

It has been proven that when a consumer buys from a local business, an impressive amount of money stays within that community. One Chicago study found that for every $100 spent, $68 remained in the city, while only $43 stayed in the city for every $100 spent at a chain retailer.


Build Relationships Within Your Community

It can’t be surprising that when you support local businesses, you build relationships within your community. These relationships allow you to know the people behind the product, encourage better customer service, and in turn, create a more personalized experience.

When the owner and staff of your local coffee shop see you on a regular basis, you’re more likely to be treated as a friend, they remember your drink order and they can make personalized recommendations because they already know your tastes.


Keep Your Community Unique

When people travel to new locations, they go out of their way to experience that city as a local. And what better way to make your neighborhood more distinctive than through supporting small businesses. By supporting local restaurants, stores, and attractions, you are ensuring that the quintessential components of your community are preserved for future residents and visitors alike.


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