April 30, 2021

10 Unexpected Uses for Postcards

When it comes to marketing your business, many inexpensive basic materials can be used in unconventional ways to help you capture attention without breaking the bank. In this article, we’ll think outside of the mailbox when it comes to the humble postcard, and explore some unique uses for this business basic.

Although we usually associate postcards with mailing, the term really just refers to a piece of printed material that is most typically 4”x6”, 5”x7”, or 6”x9” (although they are available in a much greater range of sizes). Though the cost of printing postcards varies based on your paper preference and whether you choose a premium finish (like gloss or metallic foil accents), they can be one of the most affordable items in your print arsenal.

Read on for 10 creative ways to use postcards in your marketing efforts!


1. Handouts to Encourage Return Visits

Postcards don’t have to be mailed — in fact, they work perfectly as a handout with purchases or at networking events. For the best results, be sure to print them with a special offer to drive repeat business.


2. To-Go Menus

Restaurants can staple a postcard-sized to-go menu to a takeout order that can easily be hung on a customer’s fridge. If you can’t fit the whole menu, call out a few popular specials with eye-catching ordering information, or add a QR code!


3. Special Greetings

One of the best ways to build loyalty is to demonstrate that you really care about your customers. If you keep a database with clients’ personal information, sending them a postcard for their birthday is a sweet gesture that’s sure to be remembered.


4. Driving Social Media Engagement & Reviews

Postcards can even be used to improve your digital presence and increase the impact of your online marketing efforts. Get more social media followers or encourage people to leave reviews on platforms like Yelp, Facebook, and Google My Business by handing out postcards with QR codes linking to your profiles. You could even offer a special discount or gift to anyone who follows or reviews you.


5. Appointment Reminders

People are busy, and anything that helps make their schedule more manageable is sure to be appreciated. Businesses that require appointments — like medical offices, hair salons, or spas — can mail or hand out postcards with appointment reminders that can be hung on the fridge.


6. In-Store Displays

Want to draw attention to a new product in your store? Display postcards throughout your establishment to share tidbits of information about the products you’re promoting. Restaurants can also tuck postcards inside a larger menu to share the specials of the day or week.


7. Art or Quotes

For crafters or artists, including a fun, creative postcard with a purchase is a great way to reinforce your brand and aesthetic. Create mini art prints on high-quality postcards or even design one with a fun or inspirational quote, then drop these in the bag or ship them with purchases. Your customers will enjoy the freebie, and if they display it in their home, it will keep your business top of mind.


8. Mini Catalogs

The days of receiving a thick, novella-length catalog in the mail are largely gone, as this information can be shared online at a fraction of the cost and easily kept up to date. However, a postcard mini catalog can be a low-cost way to highlight a few featured products and cross-sell to existing customers.


9. Calendars

Giving people something useful that they’ll want to display in their home, which also features your branding, is a win-win solution for keeping your business top of mind. Consider handing out calendars with useful information like community events or baseball schedules (along with your logo and contact information).


10. Flyers

Whether you’re spreading the word about an event, a cause, or a new product or service, handing out postcards can be a great alternative to flyers. Generally printed on thicker paper and offering more options for paper and print upgrades, postcards are more likely to catch attention and make an impression.


As you can see, postcards are a highly versatile product that can be used in many ways to help you grow your business! To print your own postcards, just stop by your local PostNet center. A PostNet print expert will be happy to help you plan out your project and select the perfect paper type and finish options. Get started today!


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