December 1, 2023

Your Holiday Packing & Shipping Guide

Holiday Shipping Tips & Packing Advice for This Holiday Season

The holidays can be a hectic time. Shipping gifts to your far-away loved ones can feel like just one more stressful task this season, but PostNet is here to make it easier for you. We’re bringing you our best holiday shipping tips to help take the hassle out of holiday shipping this year!


Avoiding Holiday Shipping Delays

Shipping carriers have been dealing with drastically increased volumes of packages since the pandemic began over a year and a half ago. Now, on top of that high volume, carriers are also working with labor shortages and supply chain disruptions. This means that, unfortunately, delivery delays are a possibility all holiday shippers must take into account. But holiday season shipping has always been a rough time of year, so try to stay ahead of schedule when readying your gifts for shipment.

How can you ensure that your gifts make it under your loved ones’ trees on time? The best advice we can offer is to ship as early as possible. Shipping carriers have also suspended the guarantees that they usually offer around on-time delivery. Your local PostNet center can make recommendations to give you the best shot to avoid holiday shipping delays this holiday season.


Fool-Proof Packing Tips

If you’re shipping a thoughtful gift, especially something fragile or not easily replaceable, don’t just toss it in a box or take your chances with DIY packing materials. Especially given the unusually high package volume this year, shipping carriers are focused on moving packages as quickly and efficiently as possible — which means that you shouldn’t count on your box being “handled with care.”

Reusing an old box or packing materials, or using nonstandard packing materials like clothing, newspaper, or plastic bags to cushion your items, will increase the chances that the contents of your package will be damaged in transit. Nothing puts a damper on the holidays like having a thoughtfully chosen gift show up in pieces!

PostNet staff is trained on how to pack fragile items to get them safely to their destination. Taking advantage of professional packing services is the best way to ensure that your item will reach its destination in perfect shape — or that you will get reimbursed if loss or damage does occur (claims can be denied if the shipment was improperly packed). If you’re concerned about an item, leave it to the experts! They’ll pack your gifts according to shipping carrier guidelines, and can provide high-quality packing materials.


When to Ship for the Holidays

PostNet works with all major shipping carriers to provide our customers with options and flexibility. When you bring your gift to ship, we can walk you through your choices and help you select the right option based on your budget and timing needs, whether that’s FedEx ground shipping, UPS express shipping, or even an international shipping option.

This year, shipping carriers are recommending the below dates to get your gifts delivered by Christmas Day.* However, we strongly suggest shipping as early as possible to avoid delays due to this year’s extra busy shipping season.

  • Dec 8: USPS Military Priority Mail
  • Dec 14: FedEx & UPS Ground
  • Dec 16: UPS 3-Day Select, FedEx Express Saver & USPS Priority Mail
  • Dec 20: FedEx & UPS 2-Day Air
  • Dec 21: FedEx & UPS Next Day Air

Also, keep in mind that the faster a gift needs to reach its destination, the more the service will cost. Ground shipping services are the least expensive, but they take longer.Shipping as early as possible will provide peace of mind while also saving you money! If you must ship closer to the holidays, choosing an air shipping service is the best way to get your package there on time.


Cross Shipping Off Your To-Do List

Ready to get your packages on their merry way? We’re here to help! Find your nearest PostNet center and stop by today.


*Dates are for estimated delivery before 12/25/23. Delivery date not guaranteed and may vary depending on origin, destination and other conditions including unexpectedly high volume. Please note that carriers have cancelled delivery and service guarantees this year.


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