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December 5, 2019

Your 2019 Holiday Packing & Shipping Guide

The holidays can be a hectic time — between gift shopping, planning travel, cooking meals, and hosting relatives, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Shipping gifts to your far-away loved ones can feel like just one more stressful task this season, but PostNet is here to make it easier for you. We’re bringing you our best tips to help take the hassle out of holiday shipping this year!


Fool-Proof Packing Tips

If you’re shipping a thoughtful gift, especially something fragile or not easily replaceable, don’t just toss it in a box and leave it to chance. Did you know that boxes marked “Fragile” or “Handle with Care” don’t actually receive any special treatment? Boxes tend to take a beating over the course of their journeys, enduring impacts, pressure from stacking, being tossed onto conveyor belts, and more. Especially when volume hits its peak at the holiday season, shipping carriers are focused on working as quickly and efficiently as possible — which means they just don’t have time to treat packages gently.

Reusing packaging may seem like a great idea to save money, but due to the rough treatment shipments are exposed to in transit, boxes actually lose up to 60% of their protective capacity after just one use! It’s always worth it to pay a few extra dollars for a new box, rather than risk the contents getting destroyed.

Packages get damaged regularly, and shipping carriers will reimburse the cost of repairing or replacing items under certain circumstances. In order to be eligible, the package must be packed according to the shipping carrier’s standards. That means using properly rated boxes and the correct amount of approved fill material (plastic shopping bags, newspaper, clothing, and towels are all unapproved materials).

Letting an expert pack your gift for you with new materials is the best way to ensure that your item will reach its destination in perfect shape — or that you will get reimbursed if loss or damage does occur. PostNet packing experts are trained to pack according to shipping carrier guidelines, and can provide all the materials you need.

Using a professional packing service can actually save you money, too. Shipping carriers calculate the price of a shipment based on a number of factors, including the distance, package weight, and package size. Because carriers must account for the space a box will take up on trucks and cargo planes, items packed in a large box will be pricey to ship — even if they weigh very little. If your box is unnecessarily large for your item, PostNet staff can cut it down to a smaller size or provide a new box to help save you money on your shipment.


On-Time, Dependable Shipping

PostNet works with all major shipping carriers in order to provide our customers with options and flexibility. When you bring your gift to ship, we can walk you through your choices and help you select the right option based on your budget and timing needs. 

Keep in mind that the faster a gift needs to reach its destination, the more the service will cost. Ground shipping services are the least expensive, but they take longer — so if you want to save money on your holiday shipping, be sure to plan ahead! Here are the deadlines you need to know to get your gifts delivered by December 25, 2019:*

  • 12/9: USPS Military Priority Mail
  • 12/13: UPS / FedEx Ground & Standard Parcel Post
  • 12/19: UPS 3-Day Select
  • 12/20: FedEx / UPS 2-Day & USPS Priority
  • 12/23: FedEx / UPS Next Day

Need to have a gift delivered by Hanukkah (beginning December 22, 2019)? Just subtract three days from the deadlines listed above. Add one day for Kwanzaa (beginning December 26, 2019). 


Ready to get your packages on their merry way? We’re here to help! Find your nearest PostNet center and stop by today.


*Dates are for estimated delivery before 12/25/19. Delivery date not guaranteed and may vary depending on origin, destination and other conditions. 


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