July 21, 2021

Why Design Matters

Is your business struggling to capture attention with your marketing materials, build brand recognition, and earn customer loyalty? Taking a fresh approach to your design may be the answer. Graphic design is key to making a good first impression, earning your customers’ trust, and ultimately, developing a brand that people want to return to again and again. 


Design Gets You Noticed

When it comes to making an impression with printed marketing materials, 76% of people say that the graphics and quality are most important in initially capturing their attention.1 Design is a crucial part of effective marketing! Using eye-catching graphics will help you get noticed by your target audience, and quickly communicate your key messages.

What makes design so effective at catching attention? It comes down to psychology. We process the world around us visually, and our brains are especially skilled at recognizing and responding to patterns. When we see branding or advertisements that align with our personal aesthetics or reflect popular design styles, it piques our curiosity and makes us want to learn more. For that reason, while it’s important for your branding to be unique, hiring a professional graphic designer who can incorporate the latest design trends into your collateral can really pay off.


Design Earns Trust

Getting noticed is just the first step. To convince a customer to actually do business with you, you need to also earn their trust. The way you represent your business via your graphic design tells customers what to expect from you — and amateurish, sloppy design sends the message that your business is not serious or professional. On the other hand, polished, contemporary design styles indicate that your business will put the same level of care and quality into your work as you do with your marketing and business materials.

The messages your design sends about your business go beyond simply appearing professional. You can also share cues about your brand’s personality and values just by choosing certain imagery, fonts, and colors. Depending on your industry, your customers might respond well to design that comes across as timeless and dependable; sophisticated and luxurious; or maybe more friendly and approachable. Certain design styles can indicate that your brand is defined by traits like being eco-friendly, tech-savvy, or body-positive. Putting these attributes out there in your business and marketing materials helps people feel confident that they’ve chosen the right partner for their needs.


Design Builds Loyalty

After getting your customers’ attention and earning their initial business, the best thing you can do is gain their loyalty. Strong design can help you develop repeat customers and earn priceless word-of-mouth recommendations! The more recognizable a brand is, the more likely people are to feel a sense of loyalty to that business. 

Strong branding is all about being memorable. While it’s crucial that you’re creating great experiences for your customers and delivering a high-quality product or service, it’s also important to present a recognizable brand to associate with those positive memories. If people can’t remember who you are, they won’t be able to find you to do business with you again. The same applies to sharing referrals with friends and family. Even if your customers forget your business’s name, if your branding is memorable, they’ll be able to say, “make sure to hire the plumber with the green trucks!” or “you have to check out the bakery on Main Street with the shamrock in their logo.” 

Once your graphic designer has helped you create a strong business identity, be sure to incorporate your branding into every touchpoint with your customers — signage, vehicles, business cards, marketing materials, packaging, even the pens they’ll use to sign their receipt. As a result, they’ll be sure to remember you, along with the great experience they had with your business.


PostNet’s Designers Are Here to Help

Are you ready to start building a stronger brand for your business? From refreshing your design to applying it consistently across all of your business and marketing materials, PostNet’s print and design experts have you covered. 

Stop by your local PostNet center today to start making your brand the best it can be!



1According to Canon Print for Action survey.


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