January 30, 2018

Our Top Five Most Requested Small Business Services 2018

Have you ever wondered what tactics and services other small business owners are using to help grow their business? Here are the top five requested services from last year to help you answer that very question.


1. Business Stationery

Many of our small business clients worked with their local PostNet to create a comprehensive suite of business stationery. With PostNet, each business owner is equipped with a one-stop shop for their printing needs. Many owners chose to print business cards, letterhead and envelopes simultaneously in 2017, to ensure each product was consistent, creating a cohesive stationery set.


2. Shipping

It’s no secret that when you choose to ship with PostNet the process is made easier. Which is why it was one of the top services we saw used in 2017. Business owners have access to all the top carriers including FedEx®, UPS®, USPS® and DHL® at select locations. Our clients are also delighted to learn we have a full suite of packing supplies and offer custom packing at each PostNet.


3. Design

At every PostNet you’ll find a staff of designers, ready to make your design dreams a reality. Which is why design was one of the top services requested last year. Business owners are able to work with designers to create a variety of marketing materials, business stationery, logo design, and anything you need for personal projects and gifts.


4. Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Sometimes determining who exactly your audience is can be a challenge, which is why many business owners requested Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) services in 2017. EDDM allows for PostNet to print the direct mail piece and then work with the client to determine a specific route for USPS. USPS then delivers the postcard to every address along the route. This unique service allows businesses to choose exactly where the mailer is dropped, even if they don’t have a specific list.


5. Virtual Mailboxes

Virtual Mailboxes are expected to grow in popularity because they allow you and your business to view and manage mail from anywhere in the world. You can simply view your mail from any online device and in just a few taps you can choose to have your mail forwarded, scanned, recycled or shredded.

Where will 2018 take you? Let’s start your next project by finding your nearest PostNet.


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