May 21, 2018

The Power of Local: Charleston Physician’s Office

When it comes to building a brand from scratch, most businesses need a village to help them. When a PostNet center in Charleston, South Carolina was approached by a local physician to help establish his new practice, the team worked together to build a logo from scratch, create supporting marketing materials, and design newspaper ads–leading to rapid business growth for the physician’s office.


Custom Logo Design

To begin, the PostNet in Charleston met with the physician to get a full understanding of the practice, its patients, and what set the practice apart from competitors. This meeting resulted in a logo design that best communicated his practice and its competitive edge. The PostNet team also digitized the logo so it could be used for embroidery on the uniforms–establishing a streamlined brand.


Globe GI LLC logo from PostNet


Marketing Collateral

In an effort to further build a consistent brand, PostNet worked with the doctor’s practice to create a variety of marketing collateral with continuous use of the logo and brand message.

Collateral included:

  • Business Cards
  • Post-It Notes
  • Notepads
  • Letterhead and Envelopes
  • Fax Forms
  • Prescription Pads
  • Practice Map and Directions
  • Signs to the Practice
  • Referral Pads for Use in General Practitioner’s Offices
  • Appointment Reminder Postcards
  • Doors Signs for Use at the Practice
  • Presentation Folders
  • New Patient Postcards


Newspaper & Digital Ads

Once the practice had a logo and supporting marketing collateral, it was time to grow the practice through local digital and newspaper ads. The PostNet staff looked at this project as a way to help the practice find new patients, with target demographics for both the print and digital ads.

After audience research, they worked to create the content, graphics, and call-to-action using compelling copy, artwork, and photos. PostNet worked as the liaison between the physician and the newspaper to not only create the ads but also get them placed within the publication. The staff’s experience allowed for careful guidance during the contract creation and fulfillment processes.


Globe GI Inc LLC Digital Ad


A True One Stop Shop

Beyond design and printing, this particular physician’s office took advantage of other business offerings found at PostNet, especially the shredding capabilities. The doctor chose to work with PostNet to securely dispose of patient information in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

The collaboration between the PostNet in Charleston and this particular specialist physician proved to be a massive success. In growing his brand, the physician was able to expand to a second office within three years of opening the first office. The owner of the PostNet in Charleston remarked, “This is an example of the wonderful feeling you get when local businesses connect and create awareness of what makes them truly special.”


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