June 19, 2018

The Power of Local: Creative Hotel Marketing

It is incredibly important for hotels to find ways to differentiate themselves from the competition, while also communicating all of their amenities and offerings to their guests.

Over the years, PostNet has become an expert in marketing and collateral for local hotels. Below are just a few ideas of items you can create with PostNet, courtesy of our center in Charleston, SC.


Tourist Rack Cards

Rack cards are a great way to promote properties in areas where tourists may stop on their way into town. Whether at rest areas or restaurants along the way, hotels tell us that rack cards are a tried and true way to attract visitors.

Snooze & Cruise Hampton Package marketing card


Conference Postcards

During the busy meeting and conference season, PostNet has helped hotels design and print postcards to market their offerings at the events. For example, some PostNet clients create postcards for the bridal shows hosted in the city each year.

The postcards are a great way to advertise their properties as a premier venue. The postcards let brides know that the hotel is a great spot for their wedding reception, bachelorette parties, guest get-togethers, and of course room blocks for overnight stays.


Hotel Menus

PostNet has worked with hotels to create menus for on-site restaurants so that they fit in with the aesthetic of the property. The design team has works with hotels to create menus that are more tailored to the property, user-friendly, cleaner, and modern— all while complementing the property’s color palette.

The next step is printing the menus in-house for use at the restaurant and inclusion in the in-room guest books, as well as creating digital versions for the website. One hotel even asked PostNet to blow up their menu to a large poster size that could be displayed in the lobby and elevators as a way to market the views from their rooftop restaurant and breakfast options.

PostNet also worked on a project with a local hotel to reduce the size of their catering menu so that it was easier to digest for potential clients. The design team completed a full overhaul of the artwork and created a web version so the sales team could easily share it with groups via email.

Harborview Restaurant Menu


Floor Signs

Have you ever noticed the necessity for floor signs within hotels? They’re a great tool to direct guests to meeting rooms and to advertise events and special rates throughout the year. PostNet can create a variety of floor sign solutions that make it easy for the hotel staff to swap out the design as often as needed. From pedestal floor stands to A-Frame signs, PostNet can help you design a signage solution that your guests will appreciate.

Floor sign examples from Postnet


In-Room Hotel Communications

Have important information that you need to communicate to your guests? One effective tactic is to create business cards that communicate  important information, like continental breakfast hours or the coveted WiFi password. The best part about these pieces is that they are extremely cost effective!

Hilton Honors in-room wifi card


Are you ready to create something unexpected for your business? Let PostNet help. We specialize in helping local businesses design and print whatever resources they need to thrive.


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