May 1, 2018

The Power of Local: Lee’s Summit West High School

In many cases, small business marketing tactics can also be used for local nonprofits, fundraisers, and schools. Case in point, the PostNet in Lee’s Summit, MO started working with the West High School football team’s booster club to create eye-catching spirit collateral and were able to curate a base of customers through this group of innovative parents.


Spirit Head Cutouts

When the parents from the West High School Football Booster Club, also known as the Touchdown Club, came to PostNet looking for a fun way to cheer on their athletes while fundraising; PostNet collaborated with this group to create what became known as “Spirit Heads.” The Spirit Heads are enlarged cutouts of each athlete’s face.

They are printed on 18 inches by 12 inches pieces of paper, then the athlete’s face is cut out, laminated, and cut again. Each Spirit Head is mounted on large paint sticks so the parents can easily cheer with them in the stands during games. The Spirit Heads have gained a popular momentum throughout the school and have also been created for the cheerleading, basketball, and girls soccer teams.

Resulting from the success of the Spirit Heads, the Lee’s Summit PostNet has also supported the Touchdown Club’s Annual Golf Tournament. PostNet helped design and print the yard signs placed at each tee to recognize the sponsor of each hole during the tournament.


Supporting Local Businesses

Through the support of the Touchdown Club, the Lee’s Summit PostNet gained new customers to helped them grow each of their local small businesses. From realtors to nail salons, PostNet has designed and printed business cards, postcards, yard signs, and window graphics to help each business create a distinct aesthetic and, in turn, help them thrive.

Whether you’re a community organization or a growing small business, let PostNet aid in your creativity. Find a PostNet location near you to get started.


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