January 23, 2019

The 2019 PostNet Design Trends Guide

Even though 2019 has just begun, by taking a look at the top graphic design trends from 2018, we can begin to predict where and how these trends will move and morph in the year to come. From the Pantone Color of the Year to a new life phase for typefaces, here is our hypothesis of the top five trends for 2019:

Image from Spotify stats from 2018

Image: Spotify

Color Combos Worth Popping

As far as we can tell, 2019 is going to be about color, color everywhere. Gone are the days of muted tones living on their own, as vivid, bold colors break into those palettes creating attention-grabbing contrast through interesting color juxtapositions. And as design leaders such as Apple and Spotify continue to utilize splashes of everything from cobalt to coral, other brands are sure to follow.

Image of living coral design trend

Image: Pantone

Pantone Color of the Year: Living Coral

Speaking of coral: Every year designers across the globe wait patiently for Pantone to release their chosen color of the year. In 2018 we saw a surge of design featuring the selected shade Ultra Violet and we’re sure to see that trend continue this year. Get ready to see the bold, bright—and according to Pantone—“life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone” in everything from accessories to packaging to interior design and beyond. That’s right, Living Coral which “energizes and enlivens with a softer edge” is here to stay. That is, until next year.

Gradient Love Keeps Growing

Last year we saw popularity for gradients begin and that trend is going to continue with full force into this next year. And with tons of vivid colors currently being used, we predict gradients will play into that trend by bringing in more than just one color family. What’s more, with the release the new Freeform Gradients tool in Illustrator 2019, this trend will move away from the standard linear duotone into a more blended, cosmic-looking style.

Serif Revival Design

Image: Font Bundles

Join The Serif Revival

In a world that has loved simple, clean sans serif typefaces for years, the serif is primed for a comeback. In the last ten years, fonts featuring the serif such as Times New Roman, GT Super, and Garamond have been seen as outdated and been replaced by sleeker, minimalist fonts such as Gotham, Proxima Nova, and Brandon Grotesque. Other than being a design preference, sans serif typefaces were often chosen over their fancier friends because serif fonts were harder to read on screens with poor resolution. But, as high-resolution screens have made their way into people’s everyday lives, we predict that these classic typefaces and their modern revivals will be making their way back to the forefront of design.

Gif of Googles logo design

Gif: Google

Move Over for All Things Moving

Thanks to technological developments and computers’ improved ability to display web pages, adding movement to design will take center stage in the year to come. From motion graphics to 2D and 3D animation, cinema-graphs and more, we’re about to see design explode with activity.

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