March 7, 2020

Standing Out with Premium Print Finishes

Printed materials are key to spreading the word about your business or services, and making a lasting impression on those you meet while networking. You can take your business cards, brochures, flyers, and personal projects to the next level by choosing premium paper finishes.

These touches effortlessly elevate any piece of marketing material — helping you stand out from the many other materials your prospective clients may have received. Consider these three premium print accents to give your next project added sophistication and impact.


Shine On with Gold Foil Printing

Metallic foil accents are a go-to for anyone who wants to grab attention, make an elegant impression, and stand out. It’s tough to resist something shiny and pretty — and it will certainly get noticed more than a similar item sans shimmer.

What is foil printing? The process involves using a heated element to permanently affix metallic foil accents to a printed piece. These accents can be big and bold or fine and intricately detailed. Gold, silver, and bronze are the most common, but a metallic accent can be made in nearly any hue. The process is versatile enough to make many different effects possible. You could even opt for an iridescent or holographic look!

Because foil is affixed on top of the paper, it adds texture and tactile interest in addition to the visual appeal. The beauty of paper products — especially in a world that’s oversaturated with digital designs and messaging — is that they can appeal to multiple senses at once. Accents that stand out visually while also feeling unique to the touch are a surefire way to make a strong impression.

How should foil printing be used? There are many options. Spell out text in metallic foil, incorporate it into a geometric background, or even add a metallic accent to certain elements of an image. You’ll find that you can create many different looks using foil, ranging from traditional to modern to avant garde. Be sure to keep your brand standards in mind, but otherwise, don’t be afraid to experiment.


Add a Spotlight with Spot Gloss Coating

Another great way to add interest to your business cards and other materials is by using what’s called spot UV coating. This technique applies a glossy coating to specific areas of the printed piece. Spot UV coating adds an interesting contrast to your design by juxtaposing matte and sheen textures. 

How should spot UV coatings be used? As with foil, spot UV is quite versatile. Its effects range from very subtle to bold and attention-grabbing. The coating could be applied to images and graphics on your piece to make them jump out, or it could be used to accent design elements in the background. You can even use spot UV coatings to create a design on a section of blank paper, or overlapping with printed text. Apply it in the shape of a logo, and you’ll wind up with a design that is only visible when the light catches it. This look is understated and very classy! It also allows you to squeeze in an extra touch of branding without taking up valuable real estate that you need for your content.

The thickness of spot UV coatings can vary, as with foil printing. A raised 3D element helps them stand out more while also creating additional intrigue. No one can resist running their fingers across a business card with shiny, textured accents!


Get a Feel For It

Other print coatings, such as silk, satin, suede, and matte, may not make a big impact at a glance — but as soon as your customer gets their hands on your printed piece, you can be sure it will make an impression. This style of coating provides a luxurious feel to your materials and can add an allover sheen or gloss. In addition to business materials, coated papers work wonderfully for invitations, envelopes, and place cards — when you want your paper to set the tone for a special or formal occasion.

An additional benefit is that the coating provides added durability, making your materials tear resistant. One thing to consider when deciding on a coating is that they may affect your ability to write on the piece. When ordering business cards, for example, you may wish to have a coating applied to the front, but best practice is to leave the back uncoated to allow you or your recipient to write a note on the back. Certain coatings can be written on while still maintaining a luxe look. Ask your PostNet print consultant for more information to help you choose the right coating for your needs!


Want to learn more about the premium paper accents that can help your business card, brochure, or postcard make a bigger impact? Stop by your local PostNet center to talk about your options and browse samples to choose the right premium print finish for your project!


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