March 8, 2022

Spring Cleaning Your Business in 10 Simple Steps

Spring Cleaning Your Business

The days are getting longer and brighter, and we are all shaking off the cobwebs from winter and feeling more energized. Spring is almost here! This seasonal transition always marks an exciting period of change, and it offers a great opportunity to give your business a fresh start. Follow these 10 steps to spring clean your business and set yourself up for growth in the months ahead.


1. Clean up your collateral

Take inventory of your business collateral and check for any outdated information, such as your contact information or website. Are you still highlighting the most relevant products and services? If you’ve updated your branding in the past year, make sure that all of your business materials reflect it. Consider adding any social media handles that you use for your business to offer customers another way to engage with you. PostNet can help you refresh and print new versions of any collateral that is outdated.

2. Declutter your documents

It’s important to hold onto hard copies of some paperwork, but that doesn’t mean it should just stack up and collect dust. Make a point to go through any old documents and determine if anything can be discarded. Any paperwork containing sensitive information should be shredded.


3. Digitize your files

While you’re sorting through your documents, keep an eye out for anything that you could digitize. Keeping files on your computer or in the cloud makes it much easier to stay organized throughout the year! Even if you still hold on to a hard copy, keeping a digital backup of your important documents can provide peace of mind should originals become damaged or lost. 


4. Streamline the customer experience

If you have a storefront, try looking at it through the eyes of your customer. Is it easy to locate important things — like the cash register, the bathroom, or the products you’re promoting right now? Wayfinding and point-of-purchase signage give your store a cleaner and more organized feel, and improve the customer experience. 


5. Dust off your business plan

Creating a business plan is not a set-it-and-forget-it exercise. It’s important to check in with this plan throughout the year and make sure that you’re staying on target. Take a look and see how your performance is measuring up to the goals you set for yourself. Don’t have a business plan? Download our free business planning workbook for some ideas to help you get started.

Referencing a business plan.


6. Refresh your marketing strategies

Are you seeing diminished ROI on your marketing efforts? It might be time to try out some new tactics. Stop by your local PostNet center to brainstorm new ideas that will work for your business and your market.


7. Clear out old inventory

It’s time to switch over your merchandise to reflect the new season that’s about to begin. Clear out any leftover winter inventory while generating excitement from your customer base with an end of season sale! A sale is always a great way to mark the transition of seasons and gain visibility with new and existing customers. PostNet can help you design and print marketing materials to get the word out.


8. Address pain points

Write down a list of everything that routinely bugs you or stands in the way of your day-to-day productivity. Are you wasting time standing in line at the post office? Constantly running out of items like business essentials or branded packaging? Mixing up orders or forgetting to follow up with clients? Brainstorm how you can streamline some of your operations to avoid these headaches and help your business run more efficiently. PostNet can help you out with many of these tasks!


9. Organize your mail

If you’re running a home-based business, you need a separate mailbox for your business. Not only does it make your address look more professional, but it will help you keep your business mail separate from your personal correspondence. Rent a private mailbox for your business at PostNet. You might even consider a virtual mailbox if you are often on the go, or don’t receive a lot of mail. Because PostNet’s virtual mail service notifies you every time you receive a piece of mail and allows you to manage mail from your smartphone, you’ll save time checking your mailbox.

PostNet offers various sizes of mailboxes to accommodate all your business needs.


10. Do some real spring cleaning

It’s always a good idea to do a deep clean a few times a year, and spring is a great time to freshen up. On a day that your business is closed, spend a few hours deep cleaning and reorganizing. You’ll feel re-energized and refreshed, and your customers will definitely notice the difference.


Your Local Business Partner

Whatever your business needs to transition into the new season successfully, PostNet is here to help you. Stop by our center to take care of all your printing, shipping, mailing, and administrative tasks!


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