February 27, 2024

Spring Care Packages for College Students

Box with large bow filled with greenery, candies, a basket, and a sheep decoration

Sending spring care packages to your college student is a thoughtful way to bridge the distance and let them know you’re thinking of them. While phone calls may help, it’s not always easy to sync schedules. A care package delivers a tangible reminder of home, and the process of putting it together can be a joy as you consider their favorite things. Here are some creative care package ideas to brighten your college student’s spring:

Finals Care Package

As finals loom, support your student’s studies with a care package tailored to boost focus and relaxation. Include brain-boosting snacks like nut mixes and turmeric tea, along with study essentials like highlighters and colored pens. Don’t forget items to promote restful sleep and restoration, such as a lavender sleep mask or soothing eye masks.

Easter Basket Care Package

If your family typically celebrates Easter together but distance keeps your student away, bring the holiday to them with a festive Easter basket care package. Fill it with chocolate bunnies, candy eggs nestled in classic green Easter “grass,” and cozy socks to keep them warm in the dorms during cool spring mornings.

Spring Cleaning Care Package

Help your student refresh their space without breaking the bank by gifting them a spring cleaning care package. Include items like herb sachets for drawers and reusable paper towels to minimize waste while keeping things tidy.

Hug-In-A-Box Care Package

When distance keeps you apart, send your love with a hug-in-a-box care package. Include a framed family photo, a cozy robe or blanket, a mug for warm drinks, a candle with a comforting scent, and homemade baked goods to remind them of home.

Feel Better Soon Care Package

College life can take a toll on the immune system, leading to inevitable illnesses, which in turn bring bouts of another type of sickness – homesickness. Help your student feel better soon and stay healthy with a care package containing comforting items like dry soup mix, vitamin C supplements, and hydration packets.

Movie Night Care Package

Treat your student to a movie night in the comfort of their own dorm room with a care package featuring gift cards for a movie streaming service, popcorn, and their favorite theater candy. You can even include a gift card for two movie tickets at a nearby theater if they’d like to get away from campus. For an extra special touch, plan a virtual movie night and watch the same film together, then discuss your reviews during your next phone call.

Sending care packages shows your college student that you’re there for them, no matter the distance. Don’t forget to add a personal touch with a handwritten note. So get creative, have fun assembling your care package, and bring a little piece of home to your student’s spring semester.


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