October 30, 2019

Spread Cheer with Holiday Cards

The holidays are all about spreading joy — and what makes us feel merrier than receiving thoughtful mail from loved ones? Sending cards is the perfect opportunity to let others know that you’re thinking of them, share a brief update on your year, and offer your holiday wishes. With help from PostNet, you can send extra-special season’s greetings this year!


Personalize Your Cards

There are so many ways to make your cards unique. Many families like to include photos of themselves — perfect for sharing with faraway family and friends who can display your card on their mantle or fridge. You could hire a photographer for a wintry photo shoot, DIY your own pictures with a camera on a timer, or simply create a collage of favorite shots you’ve taken throughout the year. Whatever you choose, including photos is the best way to make your cards completely your own!

If your family is camera-shy but you still want to create unique cards, choose from an existing design that fits your aesthetic. From religious imagery to winter scenery and anything in between, our designers can help you find a template and graphics that fit the message you wish to share with your loved ones. We can also help you add customized text for that personal feel!

Whether you have a specific vision for your holiday cards or need a little help bringing your ideas to life, we’ll work with you to create cards that you love. 


Share an Update

Some families take holiday cards to the next level by including a year-in-review update sharing highlights of the past year. It’s a great way to connect with loved ones you don’t see very often, and can feel more meaningful than sharing a cursory greeting. Sharing newsletters also help older family members or those who aren’t on social media stay in the know about what’s going on in your life.

There are a number of ways to create your holiday newsletter. Our designers can help create a layout for you to include longer updates along with family photos and season’s greetings. You could also opt to create custom folded cards that are blank inside, and handwrite your message inside. To save effort, type up your “newsletter” on a separate sheet of paper and place it inside your folded card along with a shorter handwritten note.

However you choose to share your update, we can help you make it look great and feel special to your recipients!


Add Some Shimmer

If you want your card to stand out from the stack of others your loved ones will be receiving, add some fun embellishments! Gold foil accents can help your message or imagery shine, while pearlescent paper adds a shimmery, luxe effect. Make your card grab attention from the moment it leaves the mailbox by personalizing your envelope with a custom return address block or design elements that match your card.

With a wide world of paper options to choose from, we can help you narrow down exactly what will create the effect you’re looking for. Selecting soft matte, high gloss, textured kraft paper, or any of the options in between will help your card feel unique to your style and make a thoughtful impression with everyone on your mailing list!

Ready to embrace the season and get started on your holiday cards this year? Stop by your local PostNet center today!


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