May 20, 2024

Serving Fro-Yo to Serve Their City & A Sweet Partnership with PostNet

Man and woman stand in front of wall with Luv Handlz branding and frozen yogurt pumps

It isn’t just frozen yogurt that Luv Handlz serves each day. It is also the city of Syracuse, NY. Luv Handlz’ President, Jimmy Doyle, and Store Manager, Sonia Streeter, are passionate about giving back to their central New York community.

That’s why eight percent of all proceeds go to various local charities. In less than two years since they’ve opened, Luv Handlz has already raised over $20,000 for these charities. In addition to these donations, Luv Handlz brings people together. They host craft events, blood drives, sports watch parties, and gaming in their very own arcade in the shop! Community members can use the space to host events, as well.

As a growing small business that hosts lots of events and special promotions, Luv Handlz has a constant need for print materials to spread the word. And as a business beloved in their community, they’re always looking for creative ideas for promotional products. That’s what makes their local PostNet a perfect partner. Beyond the print and promotional materials they craft together, they support each other as local business owners. For example, when Luv Handlz experienced a break-in which damaged their cash register, PostNet lent them their cash register so they could stay open. 

Learn more about Luv Handlz’ journey, advice from Jimmy, and how they work with PostNet to reach their community:

What was it like opening a small business?

Scary, nerve-wracking, intimidating, frustrating, exciting. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions. We all know the emotions that inspired us to do it in the first place, but they are often drowned out by all of the negative ones. I am grateful for the support from places like PostNet that lessen the negative feelings and allow you to enjoy a little more of the good ones.

Advice for a new aspiring business owner.

Surround yourself with people who have been through it before and have strengths where you are weak.  You may have friends who will gladly offer help, or it may involve hiring out for some things. It is always a sound investment to let someone help you get a task that on your own would be daunting and never-ending.

Boxes wrapped in wrapping paper with LuvHandlz branding
PostNet produced custom wrapping paper for Luv Handlz during the holidays.

What PostNet products or services do you use?

We take advantage of PostNet’s design services and different kinds of printing projects. With PostNet, we get posters, business cards, and branded promotional items. They make it super easy by taking my idea and doing the legwork to make it happen.

What do you value most about your partnership with PostNet?

I value that they make me feel like they are business partners with me in this. From ideas to design to implementation, they are working hard to see me succeed as if it was their own business. I value that I can email them in the morning with an idea and be able to pick up a finished product by closing time.

What do you love about Luv Handlz?

I love that we get to create “wow” moments for our community. People come expecting a transaction and we invite them to join us on an experience that is having a direct impact on the streets around them. It’s surreal to hear people say the name of your shop with excitement to other people and to know that the bigger it becomes, the more people we are helping.


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