May 24, 2024

How A Non-Profit With Operations In Haiti Leans on PostNet to Ship Across the Ocean

Megan Boudreaux in her office

Megan Boudreaux found herself in Haiti in 2011 because of an unrelated work trip, fell in love with the country, and didn’t leave for 10 years. During those 10 years, she fought for children’s rights, created programming to get Haitian children into school, met and married her husband, and founded her non-profit organization, Respire Haiti. The connections she made and the impact she had during her time in Haiti have only followed her as she moved back to the States to continue Respire Haiti operations and raise her children.

Now that she and her family live in Louisiana, new challenges have arisen in the process of running the non-profit. They are nearly 2,000 miles away from the country they serve, yet, with the help of PostNet, the momentum and impact have not diminished.

Because they are a small non-profit business, Megan and her husband do everything themselves, with the help of their team in Haiti. After they moved to Louisiana in 2021, they knew they needed help. They walked into their local PostNet, which had just recently opened, where owner, Donnie, welcomed them with open arms.

Since then, Megan has leaned on PostNet to print materials and ship packages across thousands of miles of land and sea, with the confidence that their customers will receive them safely and on time, and with the bonus of spending some time with Donnie, who’s become a huge supporter of their mission. As a father himself, he appreciates the work Megan and her family do to fight for children’s rights in Haiti.

We’ve recently had the opportunity to visit Megan at her home in Louisiana to learn more about what makes her non-profit so special, and how PostNet has helped her change the trajectory of her life, and ultimately the lives of the children in Haiti.

Watch the video here.

What are your biggest business challenges? 

One of our biggest challenges as a U.S.-based non-profit is staying connected with the country we serve. We’re so thankful for partners like PostNet so we can focus on our mission to serve the children in Haiti.

What does Respire Haiti do for the community? 

Our focus is educating the community on child rights and to change the way that children are viewed, to change the way education [for children] is viewed. My husband and I run Respire Haiti here state-side and we have a team in Haiti that runs our day-to-day operations.

What is so important about your relationship with PostNet? 

When we need to print new materials or ship new products, we go to PostNet because we know we can rely on them. PostNet helps Respire Haiti with our fundraising by designing and printing all our material and shipping it across the country. This really has been such a great partnership for us. We couldn’t do the work we do and share our story without the help of PostNet.

At PostNet, our customers come first. We don’t just ‘do business,’ we get to know you, even become friends, and certainly learn a lot about what your businesses do for the world because we’re proud to be your neighbor. We offer our design, print, and shipping services with the sole purpose of helping you and your business thrive.

At PostNet, we’re on a first-name basis.

PostNet is a designprint, and ship business with hundreds of franchise locations across North America and Canada. We have provided small businesses and consumers with high-quality services for years. Each of our franchises are independently owned and keenly focused on helping the businesses and individuals in their community succeed.

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