August 13, 2019

A+ Print Services for Schools

Students, teachers, and administrators can set themselves up for an excellent school year with a little help from PostNet’s printing services! Read on for great ideas on how to add some pep to every aspect of the academic year with best-in-class print products.


Join the Club

From football to chess club to jazz band, school clubs and sports teams help kids find an outlet for their interests, build school pride, and bring communities together. Having high-quality printed materials at games, performances, and competitions is a testament to the hard work students put into preparing for these events, and makes them more fun for everyone! Here are a few ways that PostNet can help make all your school’s extracurriculars extraordinary.


Beautifully printed banners help amp up school pride and get participants excited for big events! Use them to display your school mascot or slogan, announce a performance or competition, decorate the classroom where your club meets, jazz up the football field for your Homecoming game, and much more. 


Ideal for school plays, band and orchestra performances, and tournaments, programs are the perfect way to share information with attendees and recognize participants. They also offer the opportunity to sell ads and sponsorships in order to generate revenue for your team or club. Programs can be printed in full color or black and white, and are available on a wide range of paper types depending on your budget.


Who doesn’t love the look of a vintage felt pennant? These triangle-shaped flags are perfect for showing school spirit, and become an instant collector’s item that students will treasure long after they become alumni. Order pennants with your school’s mascot, sports team, or club name.


PostNet can provide all sorts of fun memorabilia that students and parents will love! Sports schedule magnets are a great way to keep track of home and away games, while personalized baseball card keepsakes help commemorate a great season for years to come. We offer many customizable products, so let us know what your vision is and we’ll help you create it!


Fundraising Made Easy

Any teacher or school administrator knows the stress of budgetary constraints. To cover the costs of educational programming, new supplies and equipment, field trips, and more, many schools turn to fundraising. PostNet can create a huge range of customized products that will get your school community excited and make raising money a breeze.

Think beyond bake sales and raise revenue for your school’s needs by selling products that parents and members of the community really want! Just a few of the items we can create for school fundraisers include:

  • Coupon books
  • Candies with customized logos
  • Pens, pencils, and notebooks
  • Apparel including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more
  • Bumper stickers
  • Customized candles

The products we offer can be custom-designed with your school’s name and logo, a motto, a personalized message, photography — the options are nearly endless! Your community will love supporting the district and showing off their school pride.


[Learn more about creating customized products.]


Acing Academics

For teachers, getting through a successful semester involves piles of papers — like exams, handouts, and worksheets. PostNet is always available to help with your black and white or color copy needs! Need to produce a custom workbook or binder? Our stapling, folding, binding, and finishing services are designed to save educators time. These services can be useful to students, too — there’s no better way to showcase weeks or months of hard work (and impress a teacher!) than by turning in a professionally bound report or project.

School-related print needs extend beyond the classroom. PostNet also design and prints business cards, letterhead and custom envelopes for teachers and administrators. These materials are perfect for sending letters home to parents, communicating with school board officials, and more. 

Whatever you need to make this school year a success, PostNet can create it for you! Call or visit us today to get started.


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