March 13, 2019

Level Up Your Business Marketing Materials

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When it comes to making your business stand out from the crowd, one great way to differentiate yourself is with high-quality, cohesively-branded business materials like office supplies, stationery, and promotional items. Not only do they help you make a good first impression, but they also increase customers’ trust in your company. Why? A cohesive brand makes you look more professional and shows you take your business—and your customers—seriously.

Ready to get started? Here are some great options to get you going:

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Set the Stage with Superior Office Supplies

Having branded office supplies is something that can be easily overlooked when you’re running a small business. But whether you’re meeting with a new perspective client for the first time or presenting your ideas to a longtime customer, using branded notebooks, pens, and presentation folders that all match each other completes the visual package of a buttoned-up, organized, and experienced company.

Bonus tip: Not only do these items help you put forth an air of professionalism when meeting with your customers, they can also act as free marketing! Just think, if you’re using a custom-branded notebook and pen when you’re working at a coffee shop, on an airplane, or even at a coworking space, you’re giving new people a chance to see your brand.

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Help Your Stationery Send the Right Message

Even in the digital age, there are still many times where a business needs to mail things—and when you do, having customized, high-quality stationery is a must. From letterheads and envelopes to labels, pocket folders, notepads, blank greeting cards, and more, professional, well-designed, and cohesively-branded print materials on high-quality paper will help project your company’s image, while adding consistency and memorability to your brand.

With so much of our communication coming via email nowadays, sending something in the mail increases the chance of catching the attention of your recipient and adds emphasis and permanence to whatever message you’re sending.

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Let Your Logo Do the Talking

Another way to level up your business materials is by adding branded promotional products to your list of must-haves. Even though many brands have increasingly turned to digital tactics, giving away promotional products that advertise your brand is still one of best ways to reach new customers. Here’s why:

  • Everyone Loves Free: Handing out promotional products can pique the interest of new customers because they feel grateful for getting something for free. On the flip side, these items can also increase customer brand loyalty for those who have already worked with you and your business.
  • They Provide Greater Exposure For Your Brand: Even though billboards and TV commercials seem like the best way to reach the masses, people are only really seeing these things for a few seconds—minutes at most. But, gift items that are functional, such as mugs or notebooks, or fashionable like a cool t-shirt, hat, or tote bag, will not only give you free advertising but also allow your customers to become more integrated with your brand.

Are you ready to take the first step towards leveling up your business with cohesively-branded, premium business materials? Stop by your nearest PostNet location and get everything you need designed and printed in no time.


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