July 7, 2017

The Power of Print in Today’s Noisy Digital Environment

Power of Print

In today’s highly-competitive digital environment, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out and attract the attention of new customers. Why? Both brick-and-mortar and online brands alike are competing head-to-head on a daily basis to win the attention of the same groups of people. So then, what do you do? How do you stand out? One strategy that has proven to be effective at cutting through the digital noise (when done right) is print marketing, and below is just a sample of the power it holds.

  • Print stands out. Think about how many emails or digital ads you receive in any given day, week or month. Now, think about how much physical mail you receive at your house or business. In this digital age, a well designed and printed piece stands out amongst all of the digital clutter (and it’s more memorable!).
  • Print is more personal. Would you rather receive a wedding invitation in your mailbox or inbox? What about a college diploma or a yearbook? When something is printed, it makes the content or the event feel that much more special, as it should. It’s important. It has significance. It’s a moment in time you want to capture, celebrate and share with those that matter most.
  • Print is a tangible, sensory experience. Print is something you can hold in your hands. Something you can touch. Something you can feel. Something you can see. Something you can smell. Something you can hear. Linking multiple sensory inputs like this heightens the end-user’s experience, and in turn, commits that experience to memory. This is a key objective of marketing: getting your message to stick in the mind of a prospective customer so they go to you for a product or service, not the competitor across the street.
  • Print has staying power. Often times, prospects don’t need your service the moment you market to them. The beauty of printing postcards, business cards and brochures is that prospects can save it for when they do need it by hanging it up on the refrigerator or putting it in an office filing cabinet for easy access later.

As you can see, print holds a lot of power, and when done right, it can be an effective marketing strategy to stand out in the sea of digital fish. To ensure your message is heard, partner with PostNet!


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