March 7, 2018

The Power of Local: C & N Cleaning

Several Mops Propped Up Against a Wall

At PostNet, working with small businesses and crafting creative marketing tactics that help their business grow and succeed is a perk of the job. Our designers get to work closely with each client to create marketing pieces that will effectively reach their target audience. Andrea DiVecchio recently detailed the projects her PostNet in Shorewood, IL has worked on with client, C & N Cleaning.


Growing a Business

Oddly enough, Andrea walked into one of her regular networking meetings and recognized a women that she had attended grade school with. Andrea’s former classmate, Cindy, owned a cleaning business serving office buildings. The business was struggling and Cindy was looking to transition into cleaning residential properties, so she joined the networking group to find the most successful way to make the transition.

Andrea began working with C & N Cleaning and helped to design and print flyers. After seeing how great the flyers turned out, C & N worked with PostNet to create referral cards that they could give to their current clients, who would earn $25 off their next cleaning for each new client they referred. The referral cards really helped the business take off and now Cindy manages two cleaning crews that each clean four to six homes per day.



Optimizing Business Tasks

PostNet also helped create tools to help C & N’s cleaning crews stay organized. Each home is diligently and consistently cleaned thanks to 4 x 6 inch laminated sheets listing the to-dos for the crews. The sheets are bound on metal rings and attached to the cleaning buckets, allowing the cleaning crews to use dry erase markers to check off their to-dos throughout the process.










Expanding Client Communication

PostNet has also created leave-behind greeting cards, magnetic calendars to remind clients to schedule their next cleaning, business forms, and a hours ledger to help run Cindy’s business.


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