June 26, 2020

Marketing Materials for the Customer Journey

Are you taking the customer journey into consideration when marketing your business? Think about it — you wouldn’t speak with a total stranger the same way you would with one of your best friends. The same logic applies to connecting with new customers, educating them about your business, driving a sale, and encouraging repeat business. Your message must change along the way, and the most effective products to share your message will change, too.

Being mindful of your audience’s mindset and using the right materials and message to reach them at every step of their journey is essential to making your marketing as effective as it can be!


Step One: Capture Attention

When it comes to making a first impression, go big and capture attention! Think about how to describe your product or service in the fewest words possible. Remember, at this step you just want to grab attention — later, you’ll fill in the details and convince your customers to make a purchase.

The right materials to accomplish your mission at this step might depend on what your business is, and how you generally reach new customers. If you have a retail shop that attracts walk-ins, banners, posters, and signs are great for increasing visibility and making sure your business’s offerings are clear at a quick glance. If you don’t have a storefront with foot traffic, you might rely on tradeshows or networking events — in which case branded giveaways or flyers can help you introduce your business to potential new customers.


Step Two: Build Awareness

Now, people know your name and what you sell. Great! Next, it’s time to educate your potential customers about what sets you apart from your competition. At this point, your audience is likely already interested in your products and services, and may even be actively researching to narrow down their options and guide their purchase. This is the time to really dig into the details using materials that are designed to impart more information, like brochures and mailers. Be sure to utilize great design to make sure that your copy is easy to follow and draw the eye to your most important points. 

Whether you’re handing out brochures personally or delivering your message to your target audience’s mailboxes, be sure that you are sharing all the information a customer needs to make an informed decision. Use the space to share the details of your product, the history of your business and its connection to your community, or simply to describe your top-notch customer service. You can also include testimonials from prior happy customers! 


Step Three: Drive the Sale

You’ve introduced yourself. You’ve explained your product, your business, and why you’re the right choice for your customer. Now it’s time to seal the deal! At this stage of the customer journey, it’s likely that your customer is already convinced — they’re just waiting for the right moment to buy. Give them the perfect opportunity to make that purchase by offering an incentive!

Holding a sale or distributing coupons are great ways to convince a customer that the time is now. Coupons might be handed out or sent in the mail, while a sale can be promoted via signage both outside and inside of your shop. Like in step one, your focus here should be to capture attention and build excitement with eye-catching design and minimal copy. Using language like “Limited Time Only” will help create a sense of urgency and convince your customer to purchase.


Step Four: Stay Top of Mind

Congratulations — you’ve made a sale! But the marketing journey doesn’t end here. That’s because the only thing better than a buying customer is a repeat customer. Be sure to stay connected with your customers so that when they’re ready to buy again, you’ll be their first choice. Plus, happy customers who you’ve made an impression with will provide free word-of-mouth advertising for you by telling their friends and family!

Loyalty cards are a highly effective way to drive repeat business. Offer an incentive like a free gift after a certain number of purchases. Or provide a buy-one-get-one discount to encourage your customer to come back and bring a friend! 

Bounce backs — small pieces of promotional materials that you can staple to a receipt — are another good option for enticing your customers to come back. You might use bounce backs to educate customers about additional products or services you offer to take advantage of cross-selling opportunities. Or you might provide a coupon they can use on their next visit. Either way, a bounce back will go home with your customer and serve as a tangible reminder of the great experience they had with your business.


Want to make your marketing materials more effective? We’ll help you tailor your message to each step of your customer journey. Just stop by your local PostNet center to start planning, designing, and printing everything you need!


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