October 4, 2022

How to Ship Internationally with PostNet

International shipping

Do you have family, friends, or a loved one overseas? Are you worried about the hassle of shipping an item internationally? International shipping doesn’t have to be complicated – PostNet experts are here to help! 

What you need to know about international shipping

The process of shipping internationally is dynamic. Shipment preparation requires you to fill out paperwork, and rules, and regulations for each country may change frequently. You’ll also need to weigh your options on which shipping carrier you would like to use based on the timeliness of delivery and budget. Checking off each of the necessary boxes will help make your delivery process a smooth one. Our experts will always check to ensure the destination country accepts the commodity you are trying to ship, and ensure all required information is included. 

From packing, forms, tracking, researching restrictions and prohibitions, and everything in between, let us take care of every step of your international shipping process. 


PostNet can:

  • Package your item so it arrives safely to its destination.
  • Check the country’s restrictions and regulations to make sure your item will be received.
  • Complete all required paperwork that must accompany your international shipment.
  • Include tracking information so you can follow your package every step of the way.
  • Work with the carrier if any issues arise during transport.
  • If your package is lost or damaged in transit, we will be the main point of contact for any claims.



  • Why take my shipment to PostNet?
    Going directly to a carrier for your shipment means you take on going through every step process yourself. Let your local PostNet experts ease your mind about the stress of international shipping and take care of everything for you.


  • What are duties, taxes, and tariffs?
    A duty is an indirect tax imposed on the consumer of imported goods.

          A tax is a charge imposed on a taxpayer by a government.

          A tariff is a direct tax applied to goods imported from a different country.

          Duties, taxes, and tariffs will be assessed by the customs agent/broker in the receiving country.


  • Do I need to fill out any paperwork or forms before visiting a PostNet?
    No. A PostNet member will complete the necessary paperwork needed for your shipment and check that everything is filled out correctly.


  • Do I need to package my items a certain way?
    Our PostNet experts are dedicated to providing our customers with customizable, dependable packing services. You can choose from multiple box sizes and determine which packaging option is best for you, then we take care of the rest! If you prefer to package your gift yourself, just bring a list of items inside your package with you. If you need materials, PostNet also has a variety of packing supplies such as boxes, shipping tubes, shipping envelopes, tape, and bubble wrap.


  • What items are prohibited from being shipped?
    Several items such as illegal substances, flammable items, weapons, toxic chemicals, alcohol, and tobacco products are prohibited. Visit your local PostNet and we will check if your item is prohibited to ship to your destination country.


  • Can I track my shipment?
    Yes! Ask your local PostNet to email your tracking number to see updates on the progress of your shipment.


  • Can I ship large items internationally?
    Yes! Many PostNet locations work with major carrier partners to safely pack and ship your items. Contact your local PostNet to make sure they have large item shipping and packing capabilities.


  • How quickly will my package arrive?
    The delivery timeline will depend on the service level selected (Next Day Air, Priority, etc.) Customs regulations may also impact your shipping deadline. Stop by your local PostNet to compare carriers and get an estimated shipping deadline.


  • What carriers offer international shipping?
    PostNet provides international shipping options through all major carriers: UPS, USPS, FedEx & DHL. 


Shipping to Service Members

If you have a loved one deployed to military bases in the U.S. or abroad, PostNet makes it easy to ship gifts to them to show your love and appreciation. Check out our blog about all you need to know about Shipping to Service Members.

Visit your local PostNet center or check us out online to learn more. 


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