November 1, 2018

How To Send the Perfect College Care Package

Gift boxes on kraft paper

Nothing says, “I’m thinking of you” like a personalized care package. And, when you’re living far from home, nothing is more exciting than getting a big box full of thoughtful presents just for you. Here are a few ideas of how you can make your favorite college student smile by creating and sending a bunch of special, custom-designed gifts.


Creative Postcard

Start off your care package by writing a personal note on a fun custom-printed postcard. Choose a photo of the two of you or a prettily-designed quote of encouragement. Another creative idea is to include an empty frame with your postcard so they can display the photo on their desk.


Custom Coffee Mug

When thinking about college, one thing that always comes to mind is caffeinated beverages and piles of homework. Fuel late-night study sessions by creating a custom mug to send with a box or bag of their favorite coffee, tea or hot cocoa.


Personalized Posters

What’s a dorm room without posters? Add even more personality to their space by working with our graphic design team to create a cool, custom image to adorn their walls.


Professional Stationery

Even though it seems like the art of letter writing has fallen by the wayside in modern times, everyone loves receiving letters. Encourage a pen-pal reboot by designing personalized stationery and sending along a book of stamps.


Photo Calendar

Looking for a helpful way to help spruce up their study area? Gather up a bunch of photos of the two of you, some of their favorite places, words of encouragement or any image with a great memory, message or story and put together a personalized photo calendar. Before you send, write in important dates (like your birthday!) or reminders for them to give you a call.


Now that you’ve seen a few ideas of what to put into your care package, it’s time to start planning your own! Stop by PostNet to create custom gifts for the college student in your life to show your love and support throughout the whole semester.


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