September 6, 2022

Gift Idea: Custom Canvas Wraps

As the season of giving inches closer, custom canvas wraps can be the perfect personalized gift for the special people in your life! Turn your photos into a work of art that will last for years to come. Canvas wraps are created by stretching canvas around a wooden frame and securing it to the back — also known as gallery wrap. This makes the artwork sturdy and durable for hanging, and allows for the focus to be 100% on the image without the distraction of a frame.

As you begin customizing your canvas wrap, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. When choosing an image for a canvas wrap, consider what your recipient’s home looks like. Do they prefer a minimalist, modern, or shabby chic style? Are they updating or replacing their existing wall art?Thinking about what types of colors and furniture they have will help you choose your image.
  2. Still not sure about which photo to use? Inspirational quotes, artwork, images of a scenic landscape from a vacation trip, couple photos, pet portraits, and family portraits are all great ideas! 
  3. Whether you want to order a larger than life or small and subtle canvas wrap, PostNet can bring your art to life in several sizes:
    12″ x 18″ mounted canvas
    18″ x 24″ mounted canvas
    24″ x 36″ mounted canvas
    Other custom sizes available


Safe Shipping

Now that you have decided on your image, it’s time to ship it to your loved one. Canvas wraps are delicate and can be easily torn, but don’t stress! Your local PostNet provides safe shipping options and will package your canvas wrap correctly to ensure it arrives safely at your destination. PostNet offers several shipping solutions and services through all major carriers including UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL.*

*All PostNet locations are independently owned and operated. Services may vary.


Package Tracking

There’s nothing worse than not knowing where your package is or it getting lost while on the way to its destination. Don’t forget to add tracking when shipping your custom canvas wrap, so you can track its location and ensure it arrives safely, especially during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. 

Bonus Customization

Looking to make your gift extra special? Create custom wrapping paper or custom tags and stickers to add to your wrapping for that extra touch. Not only does the perfect wrapping paper make your gift even more unique, there’s no better way to get someone excited about opening their gift than unwrapping paper that was especially made for them. Go the extra mile to customize your wrapping materials to make your gift unforgettable! If you need help designing custom wrapping paper, tags, or stickers, our PostNet experts are here to help.


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