July 26, 2021

Complete Guide to Banners

When you want to get your message noticed, banners are your best bet. But with a huge range of options, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs. This complete guide to banners will help you understand the different types of banners that are out there, and how to pick the one that will work best for every situation.

Whether you’re looking for a banner to display indoors or outdoors, permanently or just for a few hours, you can find a great option to fit your budget. Need help designing and printing your banner? Just give your local PostNet center a call! 


Outdoor Banners

The two most common choices for outdoor banners are mesh and vinyl, which each have their pros and cons. When deciding between mesh vs vinyl banners, think of how long you’ll want your banner to last, and what weather conditions it will be exposed to. For wind resistance, mesh banners are your best option. The woven polyester construction allows wind to pass through without putting strain on the material or damaging the hanging fixtures. Mesh banners are usually the top choice for hanging on a fence, as they will be susceptible to wind from both directions. Mesh banners can be printed one sided.

Vinyl banners are a better option when you want your prints to really pop, so consider printing on vinyl if you need to display graphics on your banner or when your banner will be viewed from up close (mesh is best when seen at a distance, as the material can lend a dull quality to your printed design). Vinyl banners can also be printed double-sided. Vinyl banners are quite durable as well and are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, but as wind can’t pass as freely through the material as it does through mesh, it will eventually cause more wear and tear. 13-ounce vinyl is the most standard banner material, but you might upgrade to 15-oz or 18-oz for added durability.


Indoor Banners

Vinyl banners work beautifully for indoor uses as well as outdoor, and they offer versatility with a huge range of sizes and hanging options. These banners have a glossy surface that reflects light well for a vibrant look —  but it can be distracting or even appear harsh under bright lights or in the presence of camera flashes. 

Fabric banners, on the other hand, have a much softer appearance. Fabric absorbs more light than vinyl, so you won’t get a glare that takes away from the effect of your printed text and graphics. Fabric banners are a popular choice for applications like in-store retail signage and event displays. They can also be easily folded up for storage or transport when not in use. When you’re ready to display your fabric banner again, just unfold it and steam or iron out the wrinkles. Vinyl banners can only be rolled, making them quite bulky to store, and may eventually develop permanent creases or cracks in the material.


Temporary Banners

If you need banners for tradeshows or other types of events, portability and ease of setup and tear-down is key. Retractable banners can be set up in a breeze. The frame is built in, so you’ll never run the risk of losing pieces if you frequently travel with the banner. You can even order a carrying case for your retractable banner.

Step-and-repeat banners are popular options for high end events — think of the backdrop at red carpet events. Having a step-and-repeat is a great way to add branding to an event and provide a photo backdrop that elevates your guests’ experience and makes them feel like A-listers. Step-and-repeats are designed with lightweight stands that are intended for portability.


While this covers the most popular banner types, there are still more options to fit any budget and use case. For help narrowing down your choices, get in touch with the experts at your local PostNet! In addition to choosing the right banner for your needs, we’ll help you design and print it to ensure that it gets noticed and makes a great impression. 


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