February 22, 2024

A Brothers’ Wine Venture & How They Create Connection with PostNet

Growing up, Mark and James Blanchard were grouped as “the Blanchard Boys.” They were only two years apart in age, shared all the same interests, and played the same sports. As they grew up, James joined the United States Air Force, and Mark attended a liberal arts college in Chicago. Although their paths diverged, they once again found commonality – a newfound love of wine, Mark’s spawning from a job at a local liquor store and James’ from his time stationed in California’s wine country. This appreciation for wine eventually reunited them in a big way with the brothers’ creation of a winery and small business together.

Together, they founded Blanchard Family Wines, following a simple, traditional winemaking philosophy: “let the vineyard, varietal, and vintage shine through gentle intervention.” James settled in Colorado and recognized Denver’s need for more wine experiences. The brothers marked a new chapter in Blanchard Family Wines’ history when they opened a wine bar in Denver’s bustling Dairy Block.

As Blanchard Family Wines was growing, the business needed a local printer for their marketing. Proximity to James’ home is what first introduced the winery to PostNet in 2017, but the relationship they built with Talia and the team at PostNet is what maintains the partnership to this day.

Today, PostNet designs and prints a wide range of print materials like cards, flyers, brochures, posters, banners, and menus to help them communicate with their guests and expand their marketing reach throughout the Denver community. The materials match the high quality of the wine and assist in providing an excellent experience for guests and enticing potential new customers. They also rely on PostNet for shipping services. 

Hear from James Blanchard about opening a small business and the support he receives from PostNet to provide an elevated experience and reach more people:

What was it like opening a small business? 

The opening of a new small business was full of excitement and adventure. There is hope for the future, and everyone is full of energy and promise. While it’s a ton of work and it feels overwhelming at times, when everyone is focused on a goal, the enthusiasm is contagious and drives progress. 

Any advice for a new or aspiring small business owner?

Once the business is open, that’s when the real work begins. Every day is a new challenge and maintaining that energy and drive becomes draining. This is where you need to find partners, both inside and outside your business to remind you of your purpose and your goals. 

What do you value most about your partnership with PostNet?

We value the personal service, timely and professional products, and the human touch that you don’t get with other online and national printers.  

An event space with bright decorative lighting is filled with patrons holding glasses of wine

What do you love about Blanchard Family Wines?

I love that our business connects people through shared experiences, education, entertainment, and great wine. 

At PostNet, while we pride ourselves on our quality print, design, and shipping services, its partnerships like this one with Blanchard Family Wines that make all the difference. Our PostNet owners know the excitement and challenges that come with owning a small business because they are small business owners themselves, as each PostNet location is independently owned.

We raise a glass to all small businesses in the communities where we live and work, and it’s our honor to support and get to know entrepreneurs like James and Mark.


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