February 19, 2021

4 Tips to Improve Your Virtual Networking and Sales Calls

With travel restrictions and social distancing guidelines still in full swing, sales and marketing professionals have been forced to adapt their networking techniques. Virtual sales calls are now the norm, and it’s likely this method will stick around beyond COVID-19. However, conducting successful sales calls online isn’t as easy as it seems. The virtual environment presents numerous challenges.

Doing a few simple things can help your team overcome virtual sales obstacles and conduct stellar meetings with prospective clients. Try out these four virtual sales call tips. 


1. Set up a professional environment

Even if you’re hosting meetings in your living room, you’ll want to do your best to make the space look professional. Tidy up your background and dress the part to put your best foot forward.

One of the easiest ways to make your virtual networking or sales call look professional is to ensure your space is bright and clear. Nobody wants to stare at a dimly lit or blurry video for the better part of an hour. If your attendees aren’t able to see your face, they won’t be as engaged! Position your computer or camera in front of a window that lets in natural light or move a lamp in front of your setup so it illuminates your face. Avoid only using ceiling lights, since these can cast shadows.

Printing a branded backdrop with your company logo is another way to pull together your space. This extra touch will help you look more professional, on top of reinforcing your brand identity and building recognition.


2. Test your connection early

Audio, video and connection problems are more than frustrating—they have the potential to ruin your entire meeting. It’s important to double-check your connection before any networking events or sales call to make sure everything is in working order.

If you run into lag issues, blurriness, crackling audio or other problems, reach out to your IT department to fix them before your call.


3. Focus on engagement

Virtual sales calls are more difficult than in-person meetings because attendees tend to lose interest faster in a distanced environment. This means sales professionals have to work that much harder to retain your clients’ attention and keep them engaged through the entire meeting.

One way you can do this is by revisiting your sales presentation. Tighten up areas that seem fluffy or unnecessary and cut things down to the most gripping essentials. Additionally, don’t just rely on your presentation! Build your meeting with opportunities for engagement, so you’re not merely talking at attendees the entire time. Make a list of questions to ask, set up polls or surveys and include dedicated question periods to get your clients talking.


4. Send tangible materials

During in-person meetings, you’d normally take time to pass out sales packets filled with informative materials to each attendee. Unfortunately, you don’t get this opportunity during a virtual call. While you could send these materials digitally, this requires clients to remember your email, download the files and attempt to look at the meeting and the materials simultaneously.

Instead, consider printing and mailing a packet of sales info to attendees ahead of time. Create a package of information, including brochures, sales sheets and flyers, for them to page through during the meeting. Doing so will reinforce your conversation with tangible leave-behinds they’ll remember later.

If you want to go the extra mile, you might even add in branded freebies, such as pens, notepads or mugs. Beyond demonstrating your preparedness for the meeting, you’ll leave a positive impression and further reinforce your brand.


Prepare for virtual meetings with a trusted partner

Virtual sales calls and networking events are challenging to master, but they can be just as effective with the right combination of effort and attention to detail. For assistance in preparing your business for virtual meetings, visit your local PostNet center and inquire about our print, design and shipping solutions.


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