June 30, 2021

4 Resume Tips for Job Seekers

Getting your résumé ready for potential employers is a big job. You want to put something in front of hiring managers that stands out from the pile, speaks to your qualifications, and positions you as the frontrunner for the job you’ve applied for.

There are a million and one tips online for crafting a compelling résumé, and it’s easy to spend endless hours tinkering with it. Let’s focus on the four most important when it comes to crafting the résumé you’ll bring with you to interviews. Here’s what to keep in mind as you design, print and copy your résumé.

1. Organize everything on a single sheet

Especially if you have many years of accomplishments, it might be tempting to put together a powerhouse résumé that spans several pages. Don’t! Practice brevity and consolidate as much as possible into a single page.

It may seem impossible, but there are plenty of creative ways to cut down and structure copy without sacrificing information or readability. Replace paragraphs with bullets and omit information that isn’t directly relevant to the job. You can also play with the leading between lines of text.

If you’re having trouble being succinct or concise, consider professional résumé design services. An experienced copywriter or design professional can tighten up the information without losing the important details that make you sound great on paper.

2. Design, but don’t over-design

Your résumé’s ability to stand out can be the difference between getting seen and getting lost in the pile. Creative design naturally draws attention and can give you the edge—especially if the job you’re applying for is in the creative field. All it takes it a simple color scheme, light graphics or a unique header, but don’t get too crazy!

Too much design influence can make your résumé seem busy and can have the opposite effect you want it to. Avoid faux pas like putting your headshot on your résumé or using an inappropriate font.

Instead, focus on legibility and a comfortable level of design. Here again, hiring a graphic design professional is never a bad idea. They’ll know how to incorporate gentle flourishes that add personality without taking away from readability.

3. Print on premium paper

You need to bring your résumé with you to every job interview, which means having it printed. Before you even think about printing at home on a basic laser jet, take a moment to consider paper quality. How does 20lb paper feel in your hand vs. high-quality 32lb premium linen stock? If you notice the difference, employers are bound to, as well.

Printing on premium paper means visiting a print shop for professional résumé printing. Why? Because your home’s laser jet can’t handle heavier paper stocks or premium paper. Even if it does manage to print, you could find yourself dealing with bleeding or misalignments. Professional printing guarantees precision on paper stock that’ll stand out.

4. Have copies and versions available

If you’re attending interviews with multiple companies, you’re going to need plenty of copies of your résumé. This is especially important if you have multiple versions of your résumé, tailored to specific jobs or positions. Don’t forget to make copies, and make sure every copy is just as crisp and clean as the original.

When you sit down at the table with a hiring committee, you’ll gain points right from the start if you’re able to supply copies to everyone instead of just one person. Remember, there’s only one chance to make a first impression!

PostNet helps you get interview-ready

When you’re getting ready to hit the hiring trail, your résumé is the single most important tool in your arsenal. It’s what gives hiring managers a preview of who you are and gets your foot in the door for an actual interview. Make sure your résumé has all the elements of a winning candidate.

Contact PostNet today to get your résumé in top shape through professional design, print and copy services. We can also print high-quality portfolios for creative professionals! Let’s get you interview-ready, together.


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