February 11, 2020

The 2020 PostNet Design Trends Guide

As with everything, trends come and go in the world of graphic design. You might notice seeing the same hues or illustrative styles used again and again in marketing materials from your favorite brands — it’s not just your imagination! Paying attention to the latest trends and incorporating them in your designs helps to keep your brand feeling modern and fresh.

Ready to get up to date? We’ve got all the hottest design trends of 2020 for you right here.


Classic Blue

Each year, Pantone, the authority on all things color, selects a hue that it predicts will be the defining color of the year. Though recent years have featured bold, popping shades like Living Coral (2019) and Ultra Violet (2018), 2020 represents a return to a classic — Classic Blue, that is. Capturing the color of the sky at twilight, Pantone reps describe Classic Blue as a transitional shade, the hue of the in-between time that links day and night. 

While representing a phase of change, Classic Blue is psychologically grounding and reassuring. Shades of blue are often associated with feelings of calm and relaxation, which is why it’s often a popular choice for painting bedrooms and bathrooms.

Project confidence and trustworthiness while staying current with 2020 design trends — embrace the use of Classic Blue in your marketing materials this year! 



Ooh, shiny! While an attraction to all that glitters has likely been a part of human nature since the dawn of time, design experts expect to see a special focus on metallics in 2020 trends. Metallics convey a sense of luxury and easily elevate any design. This look can also stand alone; in fact, the more minimalist your design, the more of an impact your metallic touches can make.

2020 is predicted to be the year of simple yet majestic looks, as designers step away from busy compositions and let a little shimmer speak for itself. Metallics may carry high-impact potential, but they’re surprisingly easy to incorporate into printed material. Talk to your local PostNet print experts about adding a splash of shine to business cards, labels, and more.



Perhaps calling back to the same psychology that informed the Color of the Year, liquid looks also capture a sense of transition and change. 2020 trends are expected to break free from the rigid geometric forms that have dominated popular design in recent years and shift instead to free-form, organic liquid styling. 

Expect to see abstract curvatures and gradients popping up in many brands’ creative endeavors this year. This trend creates a sense of possibility, free thinking, and creativity. If that aligns with your brand’s personality, why not talk to our graphic designers about working liquids into your creative materials this year?



It’s not the monochrome of yesteryear — 2020 brings a cool new twist to a look that was previously associated with grayscale. Choosing a color and creating a monochrome filter creates an eye-catching look that commands attention while remaining understated. Expect to see this trend popping up everywhere this year from Instagram to major marketing campaigns.

Because you can use any color you’d like to create a monochrome look, it’s easy to incorporate this trend regardless of your existing branding. Select a color from your brand’s palette — or just double down on current trends and go with Classic Blue!


Mixed Media

Designers have been increasingly blurring the lines between photography and illustration over recent years, and this trend is expected to peak in 2020. Creating a sense of magical realism, the mixed media style brings out the best of both looks when done right. Start with a photo, then draw on top of it or simply incorporate different illustrative styles for a collage effect that’s sure to capture your audience with its unexpectedness.

One of our favorite trends this year, mixing media allows for tons of innovation and creativity. It projects a sense of open possibilities and suggests to your audience that your brand can take them beyond the ordinary.


Are you inspired by 2020’s design trends? Our graphic designers can help you capitalize on the latest colors, styles, and effects! Stop by your local PostNet today and let’s talk about working these looks into your next business or personal project.


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