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PostNet DE104 of Newark offers high-quality, affordable printing, copying and shipping services!

Looking for a Newark printer that offers quality printing and exceptional customer service? Whether you need business card printing, booklets and flyers, or signs and banners, we can help!

PostNet, your Neighborhood Business Center, offers the business community of Newark printing services, color copies and finishing services (including binding, cutting and folding). We also offer Newark shipping services including UPS shipping, FedEx shipping and postal services. Plus, we have notary and fax services, mailbox rentals and more - see our full list of services for details.

PostNet DE104 is locally owned and operated, which means you will always find the products you need, with the personal service you deserve. We built our business on supporting our community, so we hope you will support us by shopping locally at PostNet!

Sincerely, PostNet. Your Neighborhood Business Center. This Newark location is locally owned by James & Linda Raab.

Welcome to your PostNet local update!

  Thanks for checking out PostNet of Newark.  We appreciate your business!

Newark, PostNet of Newark 406 Suburban Dr., Newark DE, 19711 19711 

Newark Recycle

  At PostNet of Newark, we accept all types of packing material to be recycled.  Packing peanuts, bubble wrap and foam padding are just a few examples of the types of material that we reuse here at PostNet. 


 We are now accepting newspapers, magazines, catalogs and any other papers you may have to be recycled.  Don't forget to take advantage of our Shredding Services (.50 per pound) for all your sensitive documents.  Unclutter your home today!!

Newark Recycle, PostNet 406 Suburban Dr., Newark DE 19711

Newark Paper Shredding Services

At PostNet of Newark, we offer Paper Shredding.  Dont have a paper shredder or maybe your paper shredder isn't up to handling more than a couple pages at a time.  Let us shred it for you with our comercial grade (cross-cutting) paper shredder.  The cost is $0.50 a pound and all shredding is done on site so you dont have to worry about your papers sitting around waiting to be taken to some offsite facility and passing through multiple hands.

Newark Paper Shredding Services, PostNet 406 Suburban Dr., Newark DE 19711

Newark Prepaid Package Dropoff Services

  At PostNet of Newark, we accept all Prepaid packages from UPS, FEDEX and USPS.  There is no Drop-off fee and no waiting in lines.  If your not sure your package is prepaid or if you just want to make sure you labeled it properly, our friendly staff will be happy to look over your paperwork and make sure everything is good to go.  If your package needs taping up and/or packing materials to help secure the items inside we will be happy to help you package up your box for just the cost of the Tape and Packaging materials.

Newark Prepaid Package Dropoff Service, PostNet 406 Suburban Dr., Newark DE 19711

Newark Prepaid UPS Drop-off, Prepaid USPS Drop-off, Prepaid FEDEX Drop-off location in Newark

Newark Notary Services

    At PostNet of Newark, we have a notary on staff during regular business hours, no appointment necessary. 

  Monday - Friday 9:00 - 6:00pm and Saturday 10:00 - 3:00pm.  We charge $5.00 for the first signature and $2.50 for each additional signature.  Please be sure to bring in your drivers license or passport (for Identity Verification)  and any additional witnesses your document may need.

We also have Power of Attorney Kits available.

Newark Notary Services, PostNet 406 Suburban Drive Newark DE 19711

Newark Mailboxes

  Here at PostNet of Newark, we have Private Mailboxes for rent giving you a safe and secure place to have your mail and packages sent.  Post Office boxes are nice but they won't accept UPS or Fedex packages and forget about having a company like Staples try to deliver an order to your PO Box.  At PostNet of Newark, you'll have peace of mind knowing that all your packages are signed for and are being stored in a safe place, no more worrying about not being home and missing the delivery, no more hoping the package is still on your front step when you get home.

  Opening a box is simple and can be done in just a few minutes.  All you need is 2 forms of ID to open a box, one must have your picture and address, like a driver’s license, the second just needs your name and address, such as a billing statement or vehicle registration.  The cost of a mailbox rental is $15.00 per month, with an initial $15.00 setup fee.  We require a minimum subscription term of 3 months ($45.00) to start.  If you sign up for a full year the cost is $120.00 (a savings of $60.00).  We will assign you a box number and provide you with a key.  If more keys are needed we can make you more copies for $1.99 a key.  If you would like us to forward mail at any time, let us know and we can set that up for you.  We will need a credit card and we will need to know how often you would like your mail forwarded.  The cost of forwarding mail is $5.00 plus the cost of packaging if needed and the postage.  Opening a private mailbox does not change your home address.  If you would like your home mail to be directed to your mail box you must submit a change of address form at the Post Office.  Please be sure that you send mail addressed to you or in c/o you and that your mail box # is also used.  To avoid giving mail to the wrong recipient, any mail not properly addressed will be returned to sender.

Newark Mailboxes, PostNet 406 Suburban dr., Newark DE 19711

Newark Copy & Scanning Services

At PostNet of Newark, We have three copy sizes available. 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14(Legal) and 11 x 17. We can do both COLOR and BLACK/WHITE copying. We have several types of paper to print your project on. We have plain white copy paper, assorted color paper, resume paper, card stock and a premium white digital paper(good for printing pictures on!) We also have access to many other types of paper.

We have the ability to make copies from hardcopy, USB drives, CD's and E-mail (use our computer to access your E-mail or send it to us and we can have it ready for you when you arrive). Our E-mail address is, just let us know the details of the print job (how many pages, what size paper, color or black and white).
We also have the ability to scan documents.  We can do 8.5 x 11 and 8.5 x 14 sized papers and they can be scanned individually or into 1 .pdf file.  Your files can then be saved to a flash drive, if you have one, or we can email them to up to 2 emails. 
Newark Copy & Scanning Services, PostNet 406 Suburban Drive, Newark De. 19711

Newark Fax Services

At PostNet of Newark, We offer faxing services.

For local faxing, the cost is $1.00 a page(including cover page).
For long-distance faxing, the cost is $1.25 a page(including cover page).

We also can recieve faxes for you.

The cost for receiving a fax is $0.50 cents per page(including cover sheet).

If you would like us to receive a fax for you simply use our fax number, (302) - 224 - 5672, and make sure the sender puts your name and phone number on the cover sheet. Once we receive the fax we will call you and then hold it for pick up.

Newark Fax Services, PostNet 406 Suburban Drive, Newark De. 19711

Newark Stamp Ordering

   At PostNet of Newark, we have the ability to order Self-Inking Stamps, Wood Handle Mount Stamps and Notary seal Embossers(for notary stamps please make sure to bring in a copy of your commission).  We have several sizes available, 5 different ink colors and many fonts to choose from.

Newark Stamp Ordering, PostNet 406 Suburban Drive Newark DE 19711

Newark Laminating Services

    At PostNet of Newark, we offer Laminating services.  We can laminate items ranging in size from 2 X 3 to 11 X 17.  Most orders can be done while you wait in as little as five minutes, however you can always drop off your items to be laminated and pick them up later in the day.  If you have a digital file that needs to be laminated you can email it to us and we can have it ready for you to pick up same day (Please make sure your file is saved as a .jpg or .pdf format for ease of processing.)

  New Feature!  We now offer Laminate with board backing(white).  Each Board also comes with a stick on easel that can be applied after Laminating.  These are great for creating standing display signs that have a nice clean professional look to them and since you don't have to bulk order them, you can get a couple of signs at a great low price.

Newark Laminating Services, PostNet 406 Suburban Drive Newark DE 19711