A professional custom logo helps Meridian businesses and organizations stand out. Let PostNet ID103 of Meridian create a custom logo design for you!

We’ve all seen businesses whose letterhead didn’t match their business cards, which didn’t match their product brochures. If you’re starting a new business — or you have a business that is just looking a little “scattered” right now — we can help you develop a consistent, professional look. Professional custom logo design is an important place to start. We can create an immediately recognizable custom logo that will stick in the minds of your target audience, and you will then be able to apply that branding to all of the items that you need to manage and grow your business.

Custom logos

The local owners and graphic designers at PostNet Meridian consult with clients to create custom logos. What makes a great custom logo for your business? It depends on the business, and on the target customers! For instance, a daycare center and and title company should have very different logo designs — the daycare might thrive with soft-edged fonts and bright colors that evoke safety and fun; the title company would likely benefit from sharp, precise lettering and more subdued colors. Each custom logo is designed to be distinct for your business, to capture your personality, and to appeal to your intended audience.

Re-create a lost business logo

Maybe you already have a custom logo you love, but the digital file has disappeared, and all that’s left is some leftover letterhead. The logo might be small, and it might even be a little fuzzy. That’s not a problem. Bring the old letterhead to your Meridian PostNet — 3327 N Eagle Rd, #110, Meridian, ID 83646 (NW corner of Eagle & Ustick Rds in the CentrePointe Marketplace) — and we can re-create your original custom logo. We can also create a vector file that will retain high resolution at any size!

Custom logo design that suits different purposes

Once you have a great looking logo, it’s a good idea to create some variants that are optimized for different uses — for instance, a small version of your custom logo for business cards or for your mobile website (and if you don’t have a mobile site, we can help with that, too!), a version that works well on a dark background, and a version that looks great on a sign and banner. A few small tweaks can make a world of difference.
Let us help you with your custom logo. We can also provide you the tools to put your logo — your business — in front of the world.