Mailbox Services Add Security, Convenience for Charlotte Residents and Business Owners

Most business owners ship and receive packages regularly, and the last thing you want is for an important package to sit for days before you have time to go to the post office to retrieve it. The other alternative — having packages delivered to directly to you — means that when you are out of the office, the package is unsecure.
PostNet NC137 of Charlotte offers mailbox services to customers to solve these problems. With mailbox rental, we are able to accept packages on your behalf from FedEx, UPS and DHL. Someone is always here to accept your mail and packages and keep them secure. You don’t have to worry that you’ll miss a package delivery when you step out.

Mailbox rental has additional benefits with PostNet in Charlotte 

Another big benefit for small-business owners is that renting a mail box at PostNet NC137 of Charlotte provides you with a professional business address. Having a street address, rather than a PO Box number, emphasizes the professionalism of your small business. That’s especially important for home-based businesses, since potential customers are more likely to trust a street address than a random P.O. Box number.
With the rise of identity theft, another advantage to having a PostNet mail box rental is that it’s secure. In addition, if you do run a home-based business, PostNet will keep your business mail separate from your personal mail.

When your package arrives, you’ll know it!

An additional service offered with mailbox rental is package notifications. If you sign up for package notifications, you’ll know when to stop by PostNet NC137 for your packages — no more checking an empty post office box. 
Mail forwarding is another valuable service you receive with a mailbox rental. If you’re on the road, we can forward your mail or a package to your current location. That’s especially valuable for road warriors. If you’re on the move, we make make sure your mail still gets to you. Just provide the address for us to send it to. 
We can help with all of your business shipping and printing needs!