What is Identity & Branding?
Branding refers to a company’s graphic representation, or its logo.
e “PostNet” in the upper-right hand corner of this page is an
example of our Brand. An Identity Package is a system of material
that uses similar graphical elements to create a consistent look for a
company. is serves the purpose of making your materials instantly
recognizable and unique to your company.

What can you expect from an Identity & Branding Package?
PostNet Far West will make branding your business easy, quick, and
professional. Our quality design will be custom-tailored to t your
company’s desired look and feel. We will nd out what will work
best to visually represent your company to its target audience, and
design materials to fully utilize your new branding. By getting all of
your design and printing together, you ensure that your vision will
not be diluted by the time it reaches your audience.

Why get an Identity & Branding Package?

A company’s logo is a singular visual representation to current and
potential customers. Your logo has a direct eect on how people
subconsciously respond to your company. It is important to put
thoughtful, deliberate design work behind your logo, and to keep
your look fresh to appeal to new markets. Working closely with you,
PostNet’s qualied graphic designer can oer a striking and cohesive
visual identity.

Let PostNet help your business grow!