Tis the season – of packing up boxes of gifts to send to loved ones. Happy Holidays! We’d like to dedicate this blog to packing & shipping, but if you’d like some great information on wrapping gifts, see our cool blog on gift wrap. We’d like to share some information and tips with you to help make your holiday shipping less stressful and cumbersome. After all – it’s Christmas! First, some packing tips if you’re going to pack your parcels to ship at home:

  1. Select a box that will leave enough room for packing peanuts and/or bubble wrap or packing foam
  2. Don’t overload the box – note the max box weight on the box’s label
  3. For multiple items packed in a single box – pack more fragile items at the top of the box, leaving sturdy & heavy things at the bottom
  4. Use plenty of cushioning – remember, your box will encounter multiple sets of hands, hand-trucks and possibly even machines en route to its destination
  5. Ensure the box lid can close flush and flat – if an item protrudes by even just a bit, you may risk damage regardless of cushioning (boxes are stacked when in transit)
  6. Use packing tape ONLY – carriers and PostNet Far West will not accept boxes with scotch, duct, masking, painters or electrical tape
  7. Shipping boxes CANNOT be wrapped (it’s ok if the gifts inside are)
  8. Remove any old shipping & address labels as well as hazardous labels if you’re recycling a box
  9. Absolutely NO flammable liquids can be shipped (for PostNet Far West, this includes wine) and NO ammunition or firearms
  10. Leave the packing to us – let the packing professionals at PostNet Far West do the packing work for you – better safe, than sorry

As for shipping tips:

  1. Beat the rush! Ship early, before December 13th, to beat the shipping crowds and possible delays en route (or plan on bringing some holiday cheer & patience with you)
  2. Do some homework on carrier options – check prices and delivery time frames with carriers before drop off
  3. Have the correct address information – save yourself time and money **Returned shipments are subject to additional fees from carriers for address corrections that customers are responsible for, not PostNet