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Looking for a Austin printer that offers quality printing and exceptional customer service? Whether you need business card printing, booklets and flyers, or signs and banners, we can help!

PostNet, your Neighborhood Business Center, offers the business community of Austin printing services, color copies and finishing services (including binding, cutting and folding). We also offer Austin shipping services including UPS shipping, FedEx shipping and postal services. Plus, we have notary and fax services, mailbox rentals and more - see our full list of services for details.

PostNet TX157 is locally owned and operated, which means you will always find the products you need, with the personal service you deserve. We built our business on supporting our community, so we hope you will support us by shopping locally at PostNet!

Sincerely, PostNet. Your Neighborhood Business Center. This Austin location is locally owned by David Petty.

Direct Mail Marketing - Every Door Direct Mail®


Postcards mailed weekly
to your customers

starting as low as


Deliver your message

right to their door!

Every Door Direct Mail®
connects you with your customers.

PostNet Far West has an economical and easy way for you to promote your business through   direct mailing.   We create your postcard and we arrange for delivery –   it’s that easy!  We’ll show you the most effective Every Door Direct Mail routes available from the postal service.   You can choose the  area  to get the best coverage, and we’ll design a postcard to target your audience.    Call or stop by today to take a look at a map of your  surrounding customers.

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We’re ready to put together your next promotion!
See us about  brochures, customized pens, promotional products and corporate gifts, notepads,
business cards and business cards magnets, calendars, first class and bulk mail options.



Notary Public

Notarize Your Important Documents

at PostNet Far West!

PostNet can notarize important documents such as medical insurance forms, real estate documents and much more.

We can even help you make copies and send the documents where they need to go. 

PostNet Far West - Austin, TX

Old Quarry Village (next to CVS)


Let PostNet Far West of Austin design, print and send your next direct mail campaign!

Growing your business has never been easier. With PostNet and Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM) from the U.S. Postal Service® (USPS), you can reach the customers who matter most to your business. There is no need to buy or maintain a mailing list, or buy special mailing permits. Your EDDM mail pieces will be delivered to every address on a carrier route, which you select with a PostNet team member. Even better, with no need to include a customer name or address on the mail piece, you save time and money, and gain valuable advertising space!

You can use EDDM to:

  • Invite the neighborhood to a grand opening or special event
  • Announce sales, special events and seasonal activities
  • Educate customers on what you do & where you’re located
  • Provide special offers & deals to gain new customers
  • Build your brand awareness in your community
  • Thank your community for their support and patronage!

To get started, a PostNet expert will discuss the goals of your mailing. From there, we’ll pinpoint the postal carrier routes you want to target, searching by ZIP code, neighborhood or city. Once you’ve seen the carrier route options, we’ll target the best mailing routes that fit within your budget. When all those pieces are in place, we’ll design, print and process your EDDM mailing and have it postal service ready! Your EDDM mailing will reach every single house on the carrier routes you’ve chosen - it’s that easy!

Ready to try EDDM? Come to PostNet Far West in Austin today and let us show you how we can help grow your business!

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First class printing with PostNet Far West

PostNet Far West is a full service EDDM printing and prep partner!

Graphic design at PostNet Far West!

The PostNet Far West customer service difference

Think BIG with PostNet Far West's wide format printing services

Using Google+: Is it Right for Your Small Business?

Originally meant to be used as personal pages, Google+ allowed individuals to connect with and segment people in their online lives and choose which "circle" of people got access to what information. With the addition of Google+ pages for businesses, another avenue to connecting with customers has opened up. However, it does beg the question: do we really need another social network?


One of the main facets of Google+ for business is the differentiation between the "+1" button and the "add to your circles" action. After clicking the "+1" button, a customer basically gives that business a virtual "thumbs up" and is able to interact with the business by leaving comments or sharing photos. This could be helpful for businesses by seeing how far-reaching their brand is and how many people are willing to publicly declare that they like it. The company can then add the customer to  its own circles, thereby being able to send different messages to different circles. This is not a new concept (Facebook already allows page administrators to segment messages based on different qualities) but it is an easy way for less internet-savvy business owners to target different individuals with different messages. Google+ for businesses seems to have a more lighthearted approach to letting customers connect with businesses, which may lead to greater trust.

What else should you know about Google+ for businesses?

- One major difference is that the "hangout" feature that was first introduced with Google+ personal pages can be utilized on business pages, allowing companies to hold things like webinars or Q&A sessions.

- Utilizing Google+ for businesses increases a company's web search visibility. Because Google is the dominant web-search engine, using a Google service in order to promote your business gives it an edge because of the search engine's inherent favoritism over other social media sites.

- You can share individual images like infographics, charts, or presentations more easily. They are also easier to share across the web by your users.

The service isn't totally fleshed out yet, so there are some quirks to keep in mind:

- As of right now, there isn't a way to add multiple admins for each page, so make sure to use a Google address that isn't tied to anything personal that you wouldn't want to share the password to. The best solution might be to just create a specific Google account just for Google+ and use that,

- It's important to post content that people want to come back to in order to get them to add your business page to their circles and not just hit the "+1" button and never come back.

As always, if you need any printed materials, please contact us using the info on our Google+ page.

Make a statement without saying a word!

When it comes to making an impression on your customers, we all want to put our best foot forward. How ever it is common for us to think that the impression we make, comes only from verbal or service interaction. After all the old saying is "don't knock it, till you try it" so check out our blog, to see how your customers are judging you!

Canvas prints at PostNet Far West

Our custom Canvas Prints always make an impact.

PostNet Far West offers Canvas Prints to showcase your most vibrant family photos, graphic designs, or business images.  Bring in a high-quality digital photograph or image, or upload one to our Online Print Center, and we’ll print it on high-quality canvas then stretch and mount it so the image is wrapped at the edge of the frame. Create a memorable gift for family members, or use them to finish out your decor. Use them for galleries, trade shows, open houses, or to add a splash of color to your home or work space. This beautiful artwork is designed to stand alone and doesn't require the use of a picture frame. Canvas Prints are available in full color or black and white and in a variety of sizes and depths. Archival finishes are available.

 Call or stop by today to see your artwork transformed!

PostNet Far West
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PostNet Far West's full service packing & shipping services

Your time.

   Your money.


Save them both.

Ship letters and packages quickly and easily at PostNet Far West. PostNet is an authorized outlet for DHL, FedEx, UPS, and the U.S. Postal Service. Whether it needs to be there tomorrow or next week, we'll help you choose the service and delivery options that are right for you.

Drop Off
We are your drop off location for packages that are labeled and ready to ship for DHL, FedEx and UPS.

Packaging Service
Bring your item and we’ll pack it for you. Fragile, intricate, oversized – we’re your pack and ship experts! We will custom pack your most fragile items to ensure they will arrive safely, including golf clubs, fine art and paintings, clocks, computers and electronics, bicycles, sports equipment and memorabilia, hunting trophies and more.

Packaging Supplies
We carry an assortment of shipping envelopes, boxes, tubes, bubble wrap, foam products, and packing peanuts. We can also print custom gift tags and design personalized greeting cards.

Call for details.

Serving the Greater Austin & Northwest Hills community

Shipping with care and attention at PostNet Far West

Go Green When Shipping with PostNet

Austin Shipping with PostNet

Between the wrapping paper, packaging peanuts, cardboard boxes and the fuel needed to move gifts around, shipping packages may seem a bit environmentally unfriendly. But the folks at PostNet Far West can help you stay green while still making sure your packages arrive on time and in one piece.

"We always want to make sure we're doing our part to be just a little more environmentally friendly at PostNet," said David Petty, PostNet Far West owner. "For instance, our customers love that they can bring in used packaging peanuts, and we'll reuse them when packaging shipments."

Additional ways customers can stay green while shipping from PostNet include:

Send Shipments Early: Planning ahead will assure your packages can be shipped ground, which is more fuel-efficient than air. Plus, shipping ground will save you money.

Pack Efficiently: Smaller boxes require less packaging materials and use fewer resources. The packaging experts at PostNet can help you measure, pack and secure your items in a custom box that is just the right size.

Use Recycled or "Green" Materials:
PostNet Far West accepts used packaging peanuts, which means less waste and a more sensitive environmental footprint. PostNet also uses biodegradable bubble wrap, and buys its packaging boxes from a local "green" cardboard box supplier.

"At PostNet, we want to make sure we do the little things that can make a real difference in our environment and in our customer's lives," said Petty.

In fact, PostNet Far West is constantly striving to reduce the impact of its business on the environment. Through its affiliation with the Plastic Loose Fill Council, PostNet Far West is a registered recycling center for the approximately 45 million pounds of packaging peanuts produced annually.

"Our Austin PostNet was designed to be the ideal fit for the business and personal office needs of our community, and I'm proud to empower our customers to be greener," said Petty. "We will all be better off for it, and we'll still make sure your packages get to where they need to be on time!"

Protecting Your Passport & Travel Safety Tips

Travel TipsBon Voyage! When traveling abroad, protecting your passport should be your first priority in traveling. All these tips will help insure a safe and smarter trip for you and your family.

Print Multiple Passport & Documentation Copies

Handing over your actual passport to border guards is the first thing you’ll do when traveling in a foreign country. However, hotels or transport booking may only need a document with your name and passport number. Create a small, credit card-sized, laminated passport copy that fits inside your wallet. This looks professional, and is more durable than paper. At times, you may be approached by official-looking people who insist on seeing official documentation. Hand over a passport copy and mention that your real passport is at your hotel. Have up to three copies with you, and leave documentation at your work, with your lawyer, or with a family member for quick response when help is needed.

Keep Digital Copies Online 

Proving your identity in a foreign country can be a nightmare when traveling with lost documents. Keep a scanned version of your passport online through Google Docs, or Dropbox. You can also set up a private Fickr account for additional high resolution, scanned documentation, such as birth certificates, social security cards, or credit card information. The files will be available for download and printing at your convenience.

Have Secret Storage and Hidden Pockets

When traveling about the city,  keep all documents and your official passport in your suitcase at your hotel or within a safe. Invest in clothing with secret pockets to keep your money and cards hidden from pickpocketers. Always place your wallet in front of you, or chained to your belt loop. Fanny packs may look cheesy, but will offer a safer alternative to a purse, backpack, or handbag. Always keep cash and cards separate from your passport.

 Sign Up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program 

 You should also consider signing up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) -a free service from the U.S. Government to citizens who plan on traveling, or taking residence in a foreign country. Before leaving, provide as many trip details to the Department of State so they can help you during a travel emergency. STEP also helps Americans living abroad find general information from the nearest U.S. embassy.

PostNet Far West wishes you safe and happy travels this summer. If you need a new passport photo, or help copying and laminating important travel documents, drop by our store and see us. We’ll take care of all your needs!

Check out David's Story on YouTube!

Check out this video of our store owner, David Petty! Learn his story and how he came around to owning PostNet Far West. 

What's In A Design?

For some people, a business card is a business card, a flyer is a flyer, and a postcard is, well, just a postcard. But to us, it's an opportunity to show a potential customer how a business shines. Our Graphic Designer has experience in all aspects of graphic design, and is able to apply his skill set to all kinds of different printed pieces.

As an example, a project that he has been working on lately for a local video production company has had him making brand new business cards, full-color folders, and letterhead for their sales packets. He made each piece distinctly different and engaging, while keeping with the main theme of the design. Can you imagine how professional they will look as they go into meetings?

That's what it's all about: crafting a professional image (or a quirky, stylish, or hip one, if that's your thing!) that's not only attention-grabbing, but unique. We don't deal with stock templates here. We want you to come out of our store with the knowledge that your design has everything that you want it to have, and says everything that you want it to express, in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible.

It's easy: just come into the store, and chat with us about what your needs are. We can get started on a redesign or a whole new look that will perfectly match your needs and expectations.

PostNet Far West

(512) 231-1321

Color Design Tips for Printing

Sometimes, colors don't look the same on printed materials as they did on the computer screen, because everyone's computer monitor is set differently. We thought these tips might be helpful to designers when they are setting up things like business cards, postcards, or flyers that have to stick to a certain color scheme in order to look uniform with other materials. If you ever have any questions, feel free to call us and we can help you out!

Here is a link to download these tips as a PDF: Color Design Tips for Printing at PostNet. You can also click on the jpeg below in order to enlarge it.

Color Printing Tips for Printing

How Ugly Are Your Business Cards?

A lot of time and effort goes into making the perfect business card. Careful consideration of colors, fonts, photos, and text can lead to the creation of a beautiful and professional card... or it can turn out to be really, really ugly.

Our on-staff designer had a ball after we tasked him to create a terrible-looking business card that used all of the most cliche elements he could think of: bad stock photos, drop shadows, outdated fonts and overused quotes. He included a picture (left) with the "stock photo" text still on it, a pixelated thumbs-up graphic, fonts that are overused and unprofessional, and an explosion of color without a dedicated theme. Do you think anyone would take Johnny Businessman seriously with these elements on his card? What if he had just one or two of them?

Have you seen any of these things on a business card lately? Does your own card have outdated elements that you'd like to change, but don't know how?

Stop by PostNet Far West today for a graphic design rework of your card today! Our consultation is free - we'd love to help you redesign and print your business card!

Bringing Your Print Marketing into a Digital World: Print Vs. Digital

Part one of a series brought to you by PostNet, your Neighborhood Business Center in Austin.


Daily-deal websites, text messages, social media – the marketing options have exploded as businesses look for new ways to attract customers in an increasingly digital world. But for small businesses, print marketing – from brochures and flyers to direct-mail postcards – still plays a big role because it’s cost-effective and easy to produce. In this report, we’ll look at how you can combine your print marketing with digital marketing efforts to get the most out of both.

The Statistics

Most agree that the reports of print marketing’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. While many people assume that everyone, especially the younger generation, has tuned out things like direct mail, a study by the U.S. Postal Service found that that wasn’t the case. In fact, they said:

• 87% of Gen Y and 86% of Gen X bring in the mail the day it’s delivered.

• 73% of Gen Y and 68% of Gen X survey respondents had used coupons received in the mail.

Marketing Sherpa found similar results when they surveyed B2B marketers. The majority of respondents said direct mail was either very effective or somewhat effective for their organization. While organizations of all sizes liked direct mail, it was especially popular with businesses with less than 100 employees.

However, we’ve all also seen the statistics about the growth of social networks and the mobile web. reports that in 2011, 65% of U.S. web users will use social networks. And reported that 43 million people in the U.S. owned smart phones in an average month from November to January 2010, up 18 percent from the previous six months. So whether you love or hate these technologies, it’s clear that you’ll need to embrace them if you want your small business to thrive. So how do you go about adding them to your marketing mix?

Print vs. Digital

To help you decide which medium is best for your marketing campaign or message, let’s start by taking a look at the benefits of print marketing vs. digital marketing.

Print Marketing and Direct Mail

It’s tangible. It makes your company look solid and trustworthy.

It’s difficult to ignore. Everyone still sorts through their mail – there’s no automatic spam filter.

It’s good for static information, like product specifications or your contact information.

Digital Marketing

It’s dynamic. This makes it good for information that you update regularly, like pricing or special offers.

It’s interactive. Digital marketing, especially social media, makes it possible for consumers to easily give you their feedback and ask questions. That dialogue with customers is extremely important in today’s marketplace – consumers want to interact with the companies they do business with, not just receive advertising.

Next up, we’ll look at some of the new technologies available, and best practices for combining them with your print marketing.

Bringing Your Print Marketing into a Digital World: QR Codes in Printing

Part two of a series brought to you by PostNet, your Neighborhood Business Center in Austin.

Quick Response (QR) Codes

You’ve probably seen QR codes – those little squares that look like TV static – in action.  While they’ve been relatively slow to catch on in the U.S., estimates that 14 million people scanned a code in June 2011. Use was highest among men ages 18-34.4

How They Work

QR codes are barcodes, just like the ones the clerk scans in the grocery checkout line. But they hold a lot more information than a standard barcode, and are becoming popular for businesses in a world where many consumers live on their smart phones. Instead of having to type a web address into their mobile device, a customer can simply scan the QR code with their smart phone’s QR code reader (free versions are available in most app stores). The QR code reader then quickly and automatically directs the user to the web address or other digital content. PostNet NC141 in Asheville, NC created these QR codes for (from left) Wild Birds Unlimited in South Asheville, Frankie Bones Restaurant and Lounge in South Asheville, and Books & Breadboard at Biltmore Village in Asheville.

Where to Use Them

While the uses for QR codes are endless, here are a few ideas to get your small business started.

  • Save space on your business card by using a QR code for your web or social media sites, or for a map of your location.
  • Use them on banners, posters, yard signs or billboards to minimize the need for text.
  • Direct customers to in-depth or digital information they can’t get in a printed piece, like a video demo or an email newsletter sign-up.

QR Code Best Practices

But before you start putting the codes everywhere, here are some “do’s” and “don’ts”.


  • Don’t link to a site that isn’t mobile-enabled. Nothing will turn a consumer off faster than trying to access a website on their phone, only to have to scroll back and forth or zoom in repeatedly to f ind what they’re looking for.
  • Do make it the proper size for the piece you’re putting it on. For instance, if you put a QR code on a poster, test it and make sure it’s big enough that the consumer can scan it from a few feet away.
  • Do include some brief instructions. Since QR codes are still new to a lot of people, some simple instructions (“Scan me with your smart phone QR code reader!”) will help increase use of your code.
  • Do include a call to action. You want the consumer to know that scanning the code is going to be worth their while. (“Scan the code for a video demo” or “Sign up to receive our email newsletter.”)

Next time, we'll take a look at "PURLs". Stay tuned!

Bringing Your Print Marketing into a Digital World: pURLs

Part three of a four-part series, brought to you by PostNet, your Neighborhood Business Center in Austin.

Personalized URLs (PURLs)

A PURL is a web page or microsite that is tailored to a specific recipient, making them great for creating a more direct relationship with a customer segment or vertical market. They also allow you to track which recipients demonstrate the most interest in your product or service, which can help streamline your sales process.

PURLs in Action

Let’s say a pet store wants to increase response to their next customer postcard mailing. They have a database that lists the customer’s name, the type of pet they own, and the pet’s name. They decide to create PURLs for each customer, and print the PURL on the postcard. So directs Bob Smith to a page with a photo of a dog and a special offer for dog biscuits for Fido. Meanwhile, cat owner Jane Jones is directed to, where she sees a photo of a cat and a special offer for catnip for Fluffy.

ICD Global, who specializes in print communications for global pharmaceutical companies, has a greatexample of a personalized web page at

Getting Started

While most printers, including PostNet, can help print the PURLs on your direct-mail pieces, you may need to work with a web programmer or online marketing agency to create the web pages. Here are a few good resources to help you get started.


We're wrapping up our series on print marketing next week with a post on using Social Media in your printed materials. Thanks for reading!

Bringing Your Print Marketing into a Digital World: Social Media in Print

 This is the final installation in a series brought to you by PostNet, your Neighborhood Business Center in Austin.

There’s a good chance you already use social media for your business, whether it’s LinkedIn to help network, or Facebook to interact with your customers. If so, print marketing can be a great way to help increase awareness of your social-media presence.





Integrating Print and Social Media

  • Put your LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook URL on your business cards to encourage contacts to connect online. If you use a Facebook URL, be sure to claim your shortened username to make it easier for your contacts.
  • Hold a contest on your Facebook Page, and use print pieces – like a flyer or postcard – to drive people to enter.
  • Use a wallet-sized card to remind customers to visit your Yelp or Google pages and review your business. While dissatisfied customers will seek out your pages to post comments, happy customers may not think to do it unless you remind them!

Social-Media Best Practices

  • Know the rules. Before you run a contest on Facebook or ask customers to review you on Yelp , make sure you’re familiar with their guidelines.
  • Give to get. Remember that social-media is different than advertising. If you want referrals on LinkedIn, refer other businesses. If you want more Twitter followers, follow others, retweet them, and contribute valuable content of your own.
  • Maintain boundaries. Keep your personal and business presences separate. Your customers may not want to see your vacation photos, and your family may not want to know about your daily specials. If you have any questions, or want help with any of your printed materials, give us a call! Check out our website for contact information as well as a list of services. 

Printing With QR Codes

A great way to get more information about your business to clients is to use QR codes in your printed materials. If you aren’t familiar with them, QR codes are similar to barcodes in that they contain data, which is translated by a code reader (that can be downloaded to your smartphone).

A QR code could contain information about your business, such as your website, which would be great to have on handouts, postcards, or posters. These codes are especially helpful when you know that someone isn’t going to be in front of a computer but might still want more information, like at a tradeshow or networking event. QR codes are customizable so that you can use one on a flyer, and then use a different code on something like a tri-fold brochure when you are marketing to a different audience.  

If you do a lot of sales or networking for your business, a great use of a QR code would be to have it automatically add your contact information to a client’s phone contacts when it is scanned. Of course, it’s always a good idea to include a small line of text to let someone know what the code is going to do so that you can keep their trust. A small QR code like that would fit perfectly on the back of a business card!

Perhaps you have a large variety of products, but a small sales staff. A great use of QR codes would be to print them on small cards that can be placed in front of each product, and have the codes explain the various functions or benefits when you aren’t able to.

If you’d like to create your own QR code, a great site to do it on is It allows you see how effective your message is by looking at statistics on how many people use your code to get more information.

If you have any questions, please contact anyone on our staff by calling (512) 231-1321. You can also email us for a quote at

Mention Social Media in your Printed Materials!

Are you using social media in order to promote your business? Do you want to drive people to your social media sites without begging them to do so in person? Incorporating easy-to-remember icons and descriptive URLS in your printed materials might turn out to be a good business decision.


According to one man's opinion, it's important to make sure that your potential customers go where you want them to go on the web. Incorporating your twitter handle, facebook URL, or LinkedIn profile in a clear, uncluttered manner is always important so that someone can find your pages quickly and easily.

Make sure you have one master list of the descriptive URLs for each of your pages. That way, they will stay consistent across all of your materials.

Give them a reason to click: if a customer takes the time to go to one of your social media sites, reward them! Encourage customers to "like" your Facebook page or follow you on twitter in order to get special discounts or prizes.

Use QR Codes in your printed materials in order to direct customers to your social media pages, or to specific pages on your website that go along with your current promotion.


Remember, it's about remaining visible. If you aren't getting the response you'd like from social media, keep at it! As always, we offer graphic design services in addition to our printing services, so if you're not sure where to start, bring your ideas to us and we can help!

Does Printing in Color Get Your Customers to Pay Faster?

Have you tried to convey a message, but got few results? Perhaps using a pop of color would help! According to recent studies, color invoices get paid 30 percent faster than black and white invoices!

Some other facts:
 Color can increase payment response by up to 30% 
 Information highlighted in color can be located 70% faster 
 People are more likely to pay in-full when the amount is shown in color 

Because color invokes a sense of urgency, highlighting your invoices with a red ink increases the rate of return and gets you paid faster. Not only does color capture attention, but it also increases readers’ attention spans and recall. Color also increases the ease with which documents can be identified, sorted and filed. 

Using color can emphasize critical internal and external correspondence, as well as convey professionalism in marketing materials. 

Do you need some great-looking print materials printed in color? We can help! Email or call us for a quote.

PostNet Far West

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Print Your Newsletters with PostNet Far West

Are you the owner of a business, or a member of a club or social organization? Do you want to get the word out about your current promotions, activities, or projects? A newsletter might be the way to go!

If you choose to create them yourself, we can then print, address, and stamp them for you. If you don't have time, we can create a beautiful newsletter that is sure to get your business or organization noticed. 

We can print them in color, with a few pages or a lot. Your photos will look great in color. 

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email ( or call us at (512) 231-1321. 

PostNet Far West

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Map to our store

Say Cheese!

Did you know that we take passport photos? We can quickly provide you with two 2"x2" color photos for use with U.S. passports. We can take them when you walk in, and have them printed, cut, and ready in about five minutes! 

PostNet Far West

3571 Far West Blvd., Austin, TX 78731

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What Service Should You Choose When You're Shipping?

Do you have something that you want to send across the city, the country, or even internationally.? Do you know your options? Below, we describe the different shipping options you have for sending packages and documents at our PostNet store. 

Ground shipping: ground shipping is often the most cost effective way to send a package safely. Included is a tracking number and $100 insurance, with the option to add more. This service usually takes 3-5 days to reach a destination.

Express Saver/3-day Air: This is a guaranteed service that will arrive within three days from the day that you send it. Included is a tracking number and $100 insurance, with the option to add more.

2-day Air: This shipping option will allow your package to arrive guaranteed within two days, by the end of the business day. Included is a tracking number and $100 insurance, with the option to add more.  

Overnight: There are two different options when it comes to “overnighting” packages: next-day A.M. and next-day P.M. delivery. A.M. delivery is guaranteed to arrive by 10:30 in the morning. P.M. delivery is guaranteed to arrive by 3:00 in the afternoon. There is also a “first overnight” option that allows the recipient to receive the package as early as it can be delivered, usually by 8:00 A.M. Saturday delivery is also available with next-day A.M. service. Included is a tracking number and $100 insurance, with the option to add more.

We also offer shipping to most addresses and P.O. boxes via the US Postal Service. You can send things first class, priority mail, and express mail, which are listed in order of slowest to fastest delivery speed.

If you need to ship a package internationally, we can do so via FedEx and DHL. Depending on your destination and the weight and size of your package, we can get you a rate and transit quote when you come in to our store. 

Come in and see us, or call us for a quote!

PostNet Far West

3571 Far West Blvd., Austin, TX 78731

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Shop Locally: Shop PostNet!

PostNet celebrates and welcomes small business and local business owners. As a small, locally-owned business, we feel that we understand the needs and concerns of our customers better than impersonal online printers or large commercial printers do. One of the things that our store owner, David Petty, loves about PostNet is watching something go from an idea on paper to a completed project in a matter or days.  

We encourage our customers to shop locally. Visit a few stores in your neighborhood and see if they can help you accomplish something you've been working on. Hey, maybe we can help you with some of your needs, too! Remember, we offer a wide variety of graphic design, printing and shipping services, right here in Northwest Austin.


 Don't forget to 'check-in' on Foursquare once here to unlock a special deal! Welcome to PostNet Far West




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My PostNet Makes Me Stand Out!

report preparationPostNet loves to make you shine.


Need to look good for a business presentation? Do you have a big report due at school? Or maybe just creating something special for your friends and family? PostNet has the tools to make all of your projects a success.

Printing, binding, laminating, folding, and more. Conveniently located at 3571 Far West Blvd. Austin, TX 78731

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